Duronic 10 Way Extension Tower ST10B | 10-Gang Power Strip Lead | Surge & Spike Protector | For UK Plug Sockets | BLACK | Electric Multi Plug Adapter | Max. 3000W Capacity | 2 Metre (2M) Power Cable

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SALE PRICE: £13.99
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  • TURN 1 SOCKET INTO 10: This clever extension tower will convert one of your single plug socket/mains outlet into 10 individual sockets enabling you to plug in up to 10 different low powered devices at the same time. This is really useful for when there are not enough plug sockets in your room and is perfect for low powered items. Due to its compact profile, the ST10B is ideal for entertainment set-ups or computer desks or anywhere that needs power to be distributed to several electrical devices
  • SURGE PROTECTION: If there is a power surge with your electricity it can cause damage to whatever appliance you have plugged in at that time. For peace of mind, this ST10B power adapter has been engineered to protect against electrical surges and spikes ensuring ultimate safety and keeping your valuable devices untouched. Unlike some surge leads, we have engineered this model to let you know that the surge shield is on in the form of a green light. When it’s on, your devices are protected.
  • SPACE SAVING TOWER: Extension leads can be unsightly, often sprawled across a floor with wires coming out in all directions. With an extension tower like the ST10B you can tidy your cable set up and create an organised and safer space. The base of the tower is detachable, so if you want to convert to a horizontal extension gang then you can do so. This model features diagonally angled plug sockets which allow space for larger plugs alongside each other.
  • SAFETY TIP: Always be cautious about what you are plugging into electrical sockets. Like many extension leads, the ST10B can take up to 3000W. We strongly advise that you check each appliance you want to plug into it, to ensure the total wattage doesn’t exceed 3000W. We do not recommend that high wattage appliances be plugged into this adapter, items like washing machines, kettles, hair dryers – for safety reasons all of these should be plugged directly into a wall socket, not an adapter.
  • FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: We have designed and built this adapter to last. It is lightweight but durable, ideal for anywhere in the home or office. It is not for outdoor use. The internal components offer surge protection for all of your low powered devices, such as phones, lamps, computers, tablets. This extension lead will hold 10 UK 3-pin plugs. It is fitted with a British Standard 3-pin plug. The power cable length is 2M. Size with stand: Height 39cm, Width: 5cm. Depth of stand: 14cm.

Product description

Size Name:10 WAY |  Colour Name:Black

Product Description

Duronic ST10B Extension Tower

The Duronic ST10B extension tower has a 2-in-1 design which allows you to use it both as a standard horizontal extension lead on the floor OR as a standing vertical tower. This model is available in both black (ST10B) and white (ST10W) to suit most interior styles. We also have towers with 8 sockets and 12.

As a tower, the ST10B only needs a small amount of floor or surface space where it can stand so all plugs can neatly plug in and be held back from traipsing across the floor. In addition to this, the tower design means it looks tidier and allows better access to all of the plugs. The latter is particularly useful if you find it difficult to bend down to the floor every time you want to plug something in.

Duronic: Putting Safety First

Our range of towers and adapters have all been engineered here in the UK to make sure they meet the strict guidelines we have in the UK; thus, ensuring that they are safe to use and they actually do the job you need them to.

To protect your devices from electrical surges and spikes, the ST10B extension tower has an extra feature to keep you safe: a built-in surge protector. This protection feature works continuously while the tower is in use to ensure that all your devices are protected. Unlike some extension leads, we have engineered this model to let you know that the surge shield is active in the form of a green neon light; when this is lit up you know you are protected.

This electrical adapter is not for outdoor use. It will hold 10x UK 3-pin plugs. Fitted with a British Standard 3-pin plug. The power cable length is 2M (200cm). Size with stand: Height 39cm, Width: 5cm. Depth of stand: 14cm.

Box Contains

ST10B Surge Tower Extension lead
User Manual

First Available: 26 Mar. 2007
SKU: B000OV0CEY Weight: 699 g Height: Batteries included? Size: 10 WAY Dimensions: 5 x 14 x 39 cm Model No: ST10B Type: Lithium Ion Colour: Black Pack Quantity: 1 Batteries Required: Item model number Batteries Included: No

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