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Elli Women 925 Sterling Silver Xilion Cut Crystal Necklace with Feather Pendant

SALE PRICE: £20.00
YOU SAVE: £6.90

  • Elegantly crafted in high quality 925 gold plated and high gloss polished silver (fineness 925), durable enough to stand the test of time
  • A unique necklace with a radiant, shining Swarovski Crystal – A great alternative to Diamonds
  • Sterling silver is the most brilliant metal with a lot of ways to combine and a perfect gift for a friend or your love
  • Professional craftsmanship and huge knowledge of jewellery manufacturing
  • Designed in Germany

Product description

Product Description

Light as a feather – Feathers symbolize freedom and harmony. This trendy symbol necklace is highly polished and beautifully crafted in high quality 925 sterling silver. The modern design of this necklace, features a detailed feather pendant, which hangs playfully on a fine chain and sets fashionable accents. Adorned with a rose sparkling crystal from Swarovski. Enjoy the feeling of freedom with this delicate feather necklace.


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