Philips Avent 3-in-1 Steriliser – SCF284/01

RRP PRICE: £60.00
SALE PRICE: £54.99
YOU SAVE: £5.02

  • Natural steam sterilisation: 99.9 Percent of harmful germs are killed, without using chemicals
  • Spacious design: Holds six Avent bottles
  • Flexible 3-in-1 design: Enables you to fit bottles and accessories flexibly, whilst taking up minimal kitchen space
  • Time saving: Products are sterilised in 6 minutes
  • Easy to clean: Open design makes it easy to get into nooks and crannies, necessary to descale regularly

Product description

Product Description

Note: Descaling sterilizer- Always unplug the appliance and wait until it has cooled down completely before descaling.

  1. Pour 80 ml/2.7 oz of white vinegar (5 Percent acetic acid) and 20 ml/0.7 oz of water into the water reservoir
  2. Leave the solution in the water reservoir until the limescale has dissolved
  3. Empty the water reservoir and rinse the heating plate with clear water. Empty, then wipe the plate with a damp cloth. Do not rinse under a tap

Repeat this process as often as necessary. In severe cases, citric acid or common de-scaling agents can be used to remove limescale.


Always refer to the enclosed leaflet for instructions.

First Available: 23 Mar. 2011
SKU: B004TFW1W2 Weight: 1.5 Kg Dimensions: 16 x 29 x 35 cm Model No: SCF284/01 Batteries Required: No

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