Twirler Colourful Wooden Spinning Bird Perch Northern Parrots African Grey Amazons Large Conures Macaws 35cm (approx. 14 inches)

SALE PRICE: £14.45

  • This Wooden Twirler Perch Spinning Parrot CM© toy is designed to fit most Parrot cages, and is based on a natural wooden perch.
  • The interactive spinner made of blocks balls and wheels help exercise your bird’s feet and beak.
  • The colourful wooden spinning CM© toy at the end promotes a full body work out and mental stimulation, providing some of the essentials for a healthy companion.
  • 35cm long x 20cm diameter (approx. 14 “ x 8”) Colours may vary
  • Most suitable for medium to large birds.

Product description


Length 35cm (13.75″)

Width 20cm (8″)

Diameter of Perch 4-7cm (1.5 – 3″)


Natural & Coloured Wood, Metal.

First Available: 3 May 2013
SKU: B00CMTU4C6 Dimensions: 35 x 16.7 x 15.5 cm Colour: Multi-colored Pack Quantity: 1 Batteries Required: No Batteries Included: No

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