Air Freshener – LITTLE TREES ‘Tree’ – ‘Black Ice’ Fragrance MTZ04 – For Car And Home – 6 Pack

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YOU SAVE: £3.04

  • Need a great quality, world famous, popular and versatile air freshener? Hang or stick a LITTLE TREES ‘TREE’ anywhere: kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, toilets, around pets, boats, caravans, pedal bin lids, shoe cupboards and more
  • Fresh and a little flirty, this rich vanilla is an upbeat way to freshen your surroundings and your day
  • A great range of 30 premium fragrances with fun designs on the unique, instantly recognisable tree-shape.
  • Introduced over 60 years ago and now a world famous iconic favourite
  • Uses exceptional fragrances on speciality material

Product description

Style Name:Tree |  Size Name:Six Pack |  Colour Name:Black Ice

Product Description

Has yourcar interiorlost its‘new’ smell?Do you havea room or twothat could do with afresh fragrance?Are you adog loverwho isn’t in love withpet ’odour’?

For over 60 years now, the iconicLITTLE TREES range of air freshenershas helped the world with such problems.


No! What was once thought of as a car-only product, is now seen in homes, bathrooms, kitchens, caravans, offices, boats, reception areas, toilets and more.

The famousTREE-SHAPED AIR FRESHENERSfrom LITTLE TREES are instantly recognisable, fun, contemporary and stylish. There is a choice ofover 30 fragrancesso you are bound to find one or more that suit your tastes.

WHY ARE LITTLE TREES SO GOOD?They start towork immediately, you can choose at what rate the fragrance escapes by revealing the TREE from its wrapper bit by bit over time andthey are long-lasting.


They are made of a specially formulated absorbent material from which your chosenfragrance is released gradually.

WHERE IN THE CAR DO I PUT THEM?In a cup holder; ashtray, door pocket, rear view mirror, gear stick.

This is a pack of 6 but you can also purchase as a single item or a triple pack.

Always look for the‘LITTLE TREES’name to ensure that you are getting the real deal.

Box Contains

6 x LITTLE TREE Black Ice Air Fresheners

First Available: 20 Jan. 2012
SKU: B0070YY4RO Weight: 81.6 g Dimensions: 19.2 x 8.8 x 5 cm Model No: MTZ04 Part No: MTZ04

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