Citrus Air Freshener by Stinky Stop I 100 ml I Eliminate Tough Odors From Trash, Dirty Clothes, Mold and Cigarettes I For Houses, Rooms and Cars I Contains Lemon Essential Oil

SALE PRICE: £14.99

  • NATURAL ODOUR REMOVER: STINKY STOP is a natural relief and relaxation agent for your mind and body. Our diffuser spray with odor-neutralizing effect is perfect for your home and car
  • ORGANIC ALTERNATIVE: Natural alternative to artificial and chemical sprays – STINKY STOP enchants your house and car into an oasis with its citrus oil ensuring the desired results
  • FAST, EFFECTIVE & PREVENTIVE: A blessing for your body, mind and soul by inhaling the fragrance. Our product let your soul to sit back and relax while your home and car are smelling fresh
  • EASY TO USE: Our product is simple and practical. Spray into the room and enjoy the smell depending on the desired intensity. Moreover its shape is suitable for small bags and hand luggages
  • BEST QUALITY: STINKY STOP is organic, vegan, developed and manufactured in Germany. Due its ingredients it is harmless for animals, humans & children thanks to our biological formula

Product description

STINKY STOP– Naturally neutralize odors

STINKY STOP is a 100% natural spray that will

make unpleasant smells vanish in an instant and bring French Provence into

your home. The spray enchants your home into an oasis

and exudes a wonderfully natural scent and sends unpleasant odors into

distance. A blessing for your body, mind and soul.

Stinky Stop is:

👃Natural odour remover

👃Organic alternative

👃Easy to use

👃Fast and Effective

👃Made in Germany

Natural Ingredient

STINKY STOP contains only natural, organic and vegan ingredients.

The natural fragrance brings the French way of life into your room.

Thanks to the optimal mixture, the STINKY STOP has an anti-bacterial

and odour neutralizing effect .

Simple and practical application

Shake the Spray before the usage. Few spurts into the room, car are considered

enough to neutralize bad smalls. Avoid the contact with eyes

Refresh your room!

First Available: 24 July 2018

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