Drumond Park Face It | The Family Game of Guessing Expressions! Family Board Games For Kids | Party Games Suitable for Adults and Children Aged 8 9 10 11 12+ Years

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  • THE GAME OF FACIAL EXPRESSIONS – Face It. is a side splitting new family game in which players will need to use their face to express the emotion indicated in the cards
  • AND THE OSCAR GOES TO. The rules are simple, but winning is not. Pick a card and bring out the Hollywood actor inside you to replicate the emotion shown in the card. Guess as many expressions before the timer runs out.
  • FUN AND COMPETITIVE – In this card game for families, players take turns to guess as many expressions as they can and keep the cards they’ve guessed right. The first team to collect 30 cards wins the game.
  • PERFECT FOR FAMILIES WITH KIDS AND ADULTS – There are two types of cards – children cards with more basic emotions and more challenging adult cards for all the family to play together
  • SUITABILITY – This entertaining pop up board game is designed to play in two teams of 1 or more players aged 8+

Product description

Product Description

The Game in Brief
One team member picks a card from the pile and has to express the word shown on the card to their team. There’s a hint on the back of the card to make it easier to guess the expression.
The player rotates the frame to start the built-in sand timer and the race is on to guess as many facial expressions as you can.
Once the timer runs out, collect the cards which were guessed correctly and the first team to 30 cards is the winner.

This junior card based board game is perfect for gathering friends and family around the table and spend an amazing time together. It will brighten up any party and create memories and funny moments that everyone will remember for a long time.

Box Contains:
Expression Cards
Face It Frame
Sand Timer

Safety Warning


First Available: 20 July 2019
SKU: B07VCSQGQD Dimensions: 3 x 26 x 26 cm Model No: T73002EN Type: Plastic Material: Plastic Batteries Required: No

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