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DUCO Blue Light Blocking Computer Reading and Gaming Eyewear Glasses,Anti Blue Light 100% UV Protection Amber Lens 304

SALE PRICE: £20.99

  • non-polarized
  • Lens width: 1.93 inches
  • ✔️GET HIGHER BLOCKING GLASSES :Our computer glasses block 90% of Blue Light or more, while other blockers on 58%, or even less! We specially adjusted the lens because we use multiple layers of FDA approved blue light filter coating on both the inside and the outside of our lenses. And provide better protection than our competition.
  • ✔️LIGHT ON WEIGHT, HIGH ON QUALITY :Our Blue blockers are designed for comfortable daily wear with durable lightweight frames and additional coatings which provide UV Light Blocking and make our lenses Anti-Scratch, Anti-Reflective, and Anti-Glare.Stylish, comfortable, lightweight and made with a high quality frame and hinges for long lasting enjoyment.
  • ✔️Necessary Glasses For Everyday:The screens we look at every day emit blue light which causes headaches, insomnia, eye strain, and can even lead to serious long-term retina damage. These amber color distortion lenses reduce fatigue, digital eye strain, headaches, migraines, dry eyes, and light sensitivity.Offer superior protection from harmful blue light .

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