Hair Bun Maker French Twist Hair Fold Wrap Snap Band (1 Black, 1 Brown)


  • BE CHIC & STYLISH IN NO TIME AT ALL! Your time is precious and there’s no point in wasting it trying to fix your hairdo with rubber bands and hairbands. The quick roll-and-snap design of our hair bun maker will give you a super classy, ready-to-go donut bun in less than 30 seconds!
  • SAVE HUNDREDS OF BUCKS ON HAIR SALON APPOINTMENTS! Stop struggling to find an appointment with a hairdresser, and then pay a small fortune for a perfect hair bun (if you’re lucky, that is). You can now make it in the comfort of your home and without burdening your wallet!
  • PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM HEAT AND CHEMICALS! Let’s face it. When you go to the salon, you expose your hair to excessive blow-drying, hair sprays, silicon serums, bobby pins. This weakens it significantly; but why do it when you can create the perfect french twist, braided, or ballet bun on your own?
  • DRAW ATTENTION REGARDLESS OF THE OCCASION! Wanna go out for a coffee with your best friend? A messy bun it is. Have an important job interview? A sleek, strict elegant bun will underline your professionalism. Saturday night out with your girlfriends? Ballet bun, black dress, smokey eyes and you’re smoking hot and about to impress!
  • ONE HAIR BUN SHAPER, SO MANY HAIRSTYLES! Let your imagination run wild and play with hairstyles and numerous updos! From classic sock buns and french twists to lazy, in disarray styling; all with a small, yet magical hair accessory by Andlane!

Product description


This Hair Bun Maker is the perfect solution to make a quick and easy hair bun. It’s a hassle-free way to create different hairstyles with hair buns.

It is versatile and can be perked up in a number of ways. The nun looks nice with long hair but you can alter it as you want depending on the occasion, outfit and makeup. It only takes a few minutes to make a special look all by yourself. It keeps your hair neat, sexy and tidy.

Just straighten the rods by gently pressing the ends outward and wait till you hear the snap.SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!

We only want to give you the best tool to achieve that perfect bun! In case you’re not 100% satisfied, just contact our superb customer service team to resolve any issues/concern. Click Add to Cart Now and have fun drinking your worries away!

First Available: 13 Jun. 2017
SKU: B06XXKJRB2 Weight: 45.4 g

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