Jaques of London Draughts Set – 12″ Wooden Checkers Board Game with Pieces – Wooden Draughts and Checkers – Quality Games for Children and Adults Since 1795

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  • COMPLETE DRAUGHTS SET – This Draughts Set includes Includes ; 1 x Wooden Playing Board, 12 x Wooden White Draughts Pieces, 12 x Wooden Brown Draughts Pieces
  • SOLID WOOD CHECKERS SET CONSTRUCTION – Beware of Cheap imitations. This Draughts Set is made from solid wood, and will last for Generations
  • WHY BUY JAQUES GAMES FOR CHILDREN ? – Checkers Sets help children Learn Important Life Skills – Superb Jaques Quality. Jaques have been hand making Games for Eight Generations
  • PERFECT GIFT -This Draughts / Checkers Set Board Game is Packed with trademark Jaques ‘Historical Tissue Paper’ and Wrapped with a Luxury Jaques Branded Ribbon
  • QUALITY GUARANTEED – Buy from Jaques of London – English Quality Checkers / Draughts SINCE 1795 – Over 220 years of Exceptional Customer Service.

Product description

The Jaques of London Range of checkers Handmade Wooden Draughts Games have been lovingly designed and manufactured consistent with a Family Games History spanning Four centuries. This Draughts Set includes Includes ; 1 x Wooden Playing Board, 16 x Wooden White Draughts Pieces, 16 x Wooden Brown Draughts Pieces. Solid Wooden 12″ Draughts Board

THE PLAY Black moves first, and thereafter the players move alternately. A player loses the game if he cannot move in turn; usually this is because all his pieces have been captured, but it can also come about because all his remaining pieces are immobilised. Many games are drawn by agreement, when few pieces remain and neither player has an advantage sufficient to win.

NONCAPTURING MOVE A single man may move only forward on the dark diagonal, one square at a time (when not capturing). CAPTURING MOVE The capturing move is a jump. If a White piece stands adjacent and forward to a Black piece, and if the square back of the White piece on the same line is vacant, the Black piece jumps over it to the vacant square, and then the White piece is removed from the board. If a piece makes a capture, and then is on a square from which it can jump over another adverse piece, it continues jumping in the same turn. It may change direction during a series of jumps. It sometimes happens that a piece may capture in either of two directions, or either of two pieces may make a capture. In all such situations, the owner has a free choice. CROWNING The row of squares farthest from the player is his king row. On reaching the king row, a single man is crowned and becomes a king. The opponent must immediately put on top of it another piece of the same colour, and the two draughts are then moved as a unit. The king has the same powers as a single man, plus the right to move backward as well as forward. Moves in both directions may be combined in one series of jumps

First Available: 18 July 2017
SKU: B0742CR2Y7 Dimensions: 31.6 x 31 x 3.6 cm Batteries Required: No Batteries Included: No

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