Lenbicki 12 Pack Plant Water on Holiday Plant Watering Devices Self Watering Spikes Automatic Watering Device with Slow Release for Indoor and Outdoor Plants(New green)


  • New Upgrade plant water on holiday – This plant watering devices is made of PP plastic, a green and environmentally friendly product approved by the EPA. Each spike has a working life of more than one year, automatic Plant Waterer – Without worried your plants withered while you are on holiday with your family
  • Using A Simple – Just need drill some holes at bottom of bottle or cut it. Then adjust the valve to adjust the flow rate. Newly upgraded plant water on holiday with anti-tilt design, windproof, rainproof and anti-down. Design with drip irrigation valve. Whether indoor/outdoor plant or garden, home or office, this plant water on holiday ensure your plants hydrated
  • The connection between the dropper and the bottle is gradually thicker and thicker. Although the diameter of each bottle is different, it can still be well fixed like bottles of Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Dr, Peper, Pepsi, You just need to set device’s flow rate to meet your individual plants need. Enjoy your vacation or business travel, leave your plants to us
  • Install the plant waterer control valve switch on the plant water on holiday, screw the spike to a full bottle of water and adjust the flow rate. Insert the plant waterer into the soil, and then cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle and tighten the plant water on holiday, whether your plants are indoor or outdoor or garden, at home or in the office, Create a self-watering system, to ensure your plants always have enough moisture
  • It comes with 12 pack plant water on holiday and 12 pack Valve switch, 12X Anti-tilt bracket

Product description

Colour Name:New green

Plant water on holiday Features: 

(1) Adjustable Valve: can control dripping speed of 0-60s/1drip, allow you to provide different amounts of water for different plants.
(2) Easy to use: ①Use a 1.1-inch bottle filled with water; ② Tightening the watering spikes and drilling/cutting the bottom of the bottle; ③ Insert it into the soil. 
(such as Dr.pepper / Pepsi / coca cola / Lipton / Deet Coke / Aqufina bottles). 

【How to install】 

Step 1: Insert the control valve into the plant waterer. 
Step 2: Insert the bracket into the plant waterer. 
Step 3: Insert the plant water on holiday into the bottles. 
Step 4: Adjust the nut to control the water flow rate. 
Step 5: Insert it into the soil and adjust the angle of the bracket.

Product Information:

Size: 15.5×3 cm/6.1*1.1 inch
Maximum water capacity: 2 Liters
Color: Orange, Green
Suit for: Plant, flowers, vegetables..and so on 550ml water supply time about: 1~5 days
2000ml water supply time about: 7~15 days

Package include:

12* plant water on holiday
12* Valve switch
12X Anti-tilt bracket

First Available: 14 July 2019
SKU: B07V8FJ8GN Type: ABS Material: ABS

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