SUSSED All Sorts – The Hilarious Who Knows Who Best Card Game – Treat Yourself

SALE PRICE: £10.99

  • WELCOME TO THE ORIGINAL WORLD OF ALL SORTS: As you read aloud real and imaginary scenarios, you’ll be given choices to make. What will you do? Will others know?
  • CHALLENGE WHO KNOWS WHO BEST: Would I rather a flying bicycle or a mini submarine? Would I want to have a remote to stop people talking? Do I think people are naturally good or easily influenced?
  • THE MULTI-AWARD WINNING CARD GAME: Over 500 treats from flying to the moon to keeping secrets, building snow forts, turning back time, becoming invisible, being fearless – and much, much more..
  • HAVE YOU GOT EVERYBODY SUSSED? With hilarious, family-friendly, face-to-face conversations for anyone you can think of aged 6 and over. Stir up your emotions, spark your imagination and exercise your intuition with this pocket-sized game for 2+ players
  • TREAT YOURSELF to a pick ‘n’ mix of players’ likes, dislikes, reactions, wishes and opinions – quick to learn, easy to play
First Available: 16 Mar. 2011
SKU: B004QIRNC0 Dimensions: 13 x 9.3 x 2.2 cm Model No: ALL SORTS Type: FSC Mix Material: FSC Mix Batteries Required: No Batteries Included: No

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