That Song – The BEST Music Game of Your Life!


  • It’s the only music game where any music taste goes… Whether you’re the music maestro we you know you are! Or whether your housemate Kate has terrible taste…we’ve all got one! It doesn’t matter… It’s the only game where it’s so right to play Johnny Cash and Jay-Z in the same round. Or where Kylie and Kanye West go head to head!
  • Suitable to play anywhere – you just need access to music streaming… Seriously appropriate for dinner parties, the kitchen floor, family gatherings, pre-drinks, pub nights, THAT SONG & chill, games nights, car journeys, travelling or holidays.
  • No boring ‘guess the lyric’ or ‘guess the artist’ questions – which nobody ever knows.
  • With 100 That Song scenarios and 30 seconds on a ticking clock, sweat drips and your pulse quickens as you think of your BLOODY BEST song for the THAT SONG scenario – sounds easy right…?
  • Using music streaming, you take turns to play a snippet of your song and then secretly score your winning song of each round! Box Contains: 100 That Song scenarios, Score Sheet & Instructions.

Product description

This game CELEBRATES LIFE and will have you laughing, dancing and singing with family and friends. Everybody knows that music is what our feelings sound like. Music is the secret to instantly feeling giddy, nostalgic and to get your energy sky high! That Song is a MUSIC card game which will be the SOUNDTRACK to your night. With 100 That Song scenarios such as; That Song for a Sunday Morning Chill, That Song To Get The Party Started or That Song Which Could Only Come From The 80’s! Your musical taste will severely be put to the test! Once a scenario is read out, you have 30 seconds to rack your brain to think of YOUR BEST SONG to fit the scenario. Then using music streaming, you play your chosen song for 30 seconds – then secretly score your winner of the round! A wonderful musical journey over 10 charged rounds. That Song is the only game where Kanye meets Kylie and Blues goes up against Pop. **WARNING** Causes severe fun, belly aching laughter and it is suitable for ALL your family and friends! From your man to your gran and even your pal Stan!. For every one of life’s moments, there’s That Song.

First Available: 9 Sept. 2019
SKU: B07XQ6DGXG Dimensions: 18.2 x 10.9 x 3 cm Batteries Required: No Batteries Included: No

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