TopBrewing™ Heat Belt Pro with Variable Temperature Control ☆ Perfect for Brewing Fermenting Home Brew Beer Wine Cider and Kombucha ☆ Free Thermometer ☆

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  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL DIAL attached so you can regulate the heat unlike other belts on the market.
  • FREE Thermometer Strip with every order! For easy temperature monitoring.
  • Heat belt to assist home brewing beer, wine, cider & kombucha. Enables regulation of temperature in the fermentation process.
  • CE Certified – Conforms to EU electrical regulation. Comes with 3 pin UK plug for 230v 50hz AC. (25W)
  • Belt is fully adjustable using toggle strap, length measures 1m inclusive of toggle strap.

Product description

TopBrewing Heat Belt Pro with Variable Temperature Control

  • The TopBrewing heat belt is a revolution in brewing temperature control, with its own temperature control dial you can regulate the heat unlike any other belt on the market.
  • No more moving the belt up and down the demijohn to get the temperature right, just setup the thermometer on the outside of the demijohn and regulate the temperature using the dial.
  • Suitable for 1 gallon demijohns to 33 litre fermenters. You can adjust the size by pulling the loop on the cable.
  •  Safe for use in the UK and is double insulated, it is supplied with a UK plug and has a CE mark and meets all UK regulations
  •  Designed to be used during primary fermentation and to aid the start of secondary fermentation.
  •  Help keep your brew at a constant temperature and not get too cold.
  •  Fits fermenting vessels, 25 litre kegs, 1 gallon demijohns (Please note this belt will not fit around a Fast Ferment).
  •  One of the main benefits of using the TopBrewing heat belt is the reduced time it takes to complete the brewing process of your beer and wine.

What’s included?

1 x TopBrewing Heat Belt

1 x Thermometer (stick on outside of demijohn container)

First Available: 28 Aug. 2019
SKU: B07WRKRCLQ Weight: 272 g Dimensions: 25.1 x 14.3 x 8 cm

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