trounistro Car Battery Charger, Battery Charger & Maintainer 12V 6A Fully Automatic Car Charger with LCD Screen, for Cars, Motorcycles, Boat and More, Rescue and Recover Batteries – UK Plug

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  • ✔Wide range use: Suitable for all kinds of vehicles, battery lead-acid 12V 4AH-100AH: cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers and more. Perfect for keeping your vehicles fully-charged and maintained during year-round battery maintenance or long-term storage.
  • ✔Battery maintainer: It provides constant voltage charge for optimal maintenance of the battery. And over-charge protection enables optimal battery charging without fear of overcharging.
  • ✔Multiple protection: Built in circuit protection guards against reverse polarity, sparks, overcharging, over-current, open-circuits, short-circuits and overheating. Avoid any dangerous situation. ideal for carefree long-term maintenance charging.
  • ✔Easy to use and Simple to connect: Clear positive and negative, easy to connect, and have reverse polarity protection. And with Intelligent Digital Display, displays charging status and battery status, charge voltage, charge current, etc.
  • ✔Energy-save & International Standard: Energy Saving design with one LED indicator to display the different charging status. Certified by CE, RoHS, UL and CEC. UK standard plug is included.

Product description

Trounistro 6A 12V Car Battery Charger for Vehicles / Trucks / Motocycles 
This is a fully automatic battery charger with 3 charge stages. 
Automatic charging protects your battery from being overcharged, so you can leave the charger connected to the battery indefinitely. 
3-stage chargers are suitable for most battery types including Calcium, Gel and AGM, Wet batteries. They may also help restore drained and sulphated batteries.

Types of batteries: Most types of lead acid batteries including Calcium, GEL and AGM, Wet,EFB, etc 
Switchmode technology: Yes 
Polarity protection: Yes 
Output short protection: Yes 
Nonbattery link protection: Yes 
Overvoltage protection: Yes 
Over-temperature protection: Yes 
Cooling: Fan 
Input voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz 
Rated output: 12V DC, 5-6A Max. 
Minimum start voltage: 8.0V 
Battery range: 4-100Ah 
Thermal protect: 65’C+/-5’C 
Efficiency: App. 85%. 
Compliant Standards: CB,CE, IEC60335, EN61000, EN55014 
Dimension (L×W×H): 150×85×60mm  
Weight: 380g  
Package Includes: 
1 x Car Battery Charger
1 x Battery Clamp Connector
1 x Eyelet Terminal Connector
1 x User Manual

First Available: 3 Sept. 2019
SKU: B07XF4PC85 Weight: 494 g Dimensions: 22.2 x 12 x 6.4 cm Part No: ZV0013-X

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