Ucradle Slime Kit – With DIY Factory Make Your Own Slime, Ideal Educational Toys Science and Decent Gift for Kids at the Age of 6-10, Super Fun Slime Lab for Boys and Girls Present

Ucradle Slime Kit - With DIY Factory Make Your Own Slime

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  • DIY YOUR OWN SLIME: Although slime is a fictional creature, now you have a chance to create a slime as you imagine. This super fun lab includes everything you need: slime glue, slime activator, colorful glitters, a full set of tools and much more! Enjoy the feeling that your lovely slime glows, flows, stretches, bounces, foams, and oozes between your fingers.
  • ENJOY THE PLAYTIME WITH YOUR KIDS: Playing together is the best way to communicate with your kids. Because of various colors and shapes slime is always popular with kids of different ages. Making a slime with your kids is absolutely a funny time, you must be shocked and amused by the kids originality. What you finally get is a happy memory and a closer relationship with your kids.
  • NON-TOXIC AND 100% SAFE: Ucradle DIY slime kit is made with high-quality ingredients, free from harmful chemicals. It is 100% non-toxic, recyclable, eco-friendly. And it can be washed out quickly and thoroughly. So you don’t have to worry about your child eating slime due to the residue. The package comes with protective glasses that protect the kid’s eyes while playing.
  • FOLLOW THE FORMULA AND MAKE IT EASY: The formula that have been tested many times ensure that you can make the perfect cute slime quickly and easily. On this basis, you can make the most of your imagination and creativity. Stretch, squeeze, squish, swirl to discover different shapes. Mix different colors together to create new colors and add decorations to change the texture of the slime.
  • MAKE A CHOICE: Still worried about the lack of joy in family time or party? Let’s have fun with our slime kit and create your own slime! Still worried about giving what to kids as a gift? Our slime kit is a decent and ideal gift for boys and girls, even adult! Still worried about how to communicate with your kids? Lovely slime will glue the relationship between you and your kids!

Product description

Product Description:Ucradle Slime kit supplies can be a fun and educational slime toy as a perfect gift for kids. Clear slime kit is safe and non-toxic for kids, but not for children under 3 years. Adult supervision required. With a big slime kit container, this crystal slime can be stored easily. The stressed person can release themselves with its stretchable feeling.

Raw Materials:
Water, PVA, Glycerol, Pigment, Baking soda(concentration < 0,3%)

Product Features:
Easy and air dry, rich colors, full accessories, DIY slime lab for kids, can be mixed with accessories, can’t be eaten, soft and fluffy, cloud slime feeling, not fit for age under 8 years old. Adult supervision required.

How To Make Slime:
1, Wear protective glasses before starting
2, Add a spoonful of borax into warm water and stir to dilute
3, Mix glue and room temperature water by 1:2
4, Add neons, glitters and plastic balls
5, Mix and add diluted borax solution into measuring cup
6, Enjoy your special slime

Slime Kit Includes:
Colored slime powder*6
Mixing sticks*6
Mixing spoon*2
Baking soda*2
Protective glasses*1
Glow powder*1
Colorful plastic balls*1
Measuring cup*1

Easy to Clean:
Does not have confusing ingredients
Is not unpleasantly sticky to touch
Is not watery or leaky
Does not easily stain your floor and fabric

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First Available: 1 Mar. 2019
SKU: B07P62FXV4 Dimensions: 19.8 x 16.2 x 5.8 cm Batteries Required: No

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