Audew Car Interior Lights Kit 10×4 LED Loading Light Led Modules White Truck Ceiling lights For Hatchbacks/LWB/Van/ 4 Wheel Drive/MPVs 48mm*48mm

SALE PRICE: £10.99

  • ☛This Car Interior Lights Kit has each of the LED sections contains 4 led for a total of 40 LED that also comes with tape on the back so that you can stick it anywhere you want it.
  • ☛Lighting Color: White and also a little hole in the center to screw into anything for extra hold.
  • ☛About 1.4 meters in length and about 7.5 centimeters between light. You can cut the wire between the lights and have two shorter strands or add wire between them to space the lights further apart from each other.
  • ☛You can put them on a sensor to come on and go off when you want them to.
  • ☛Super bright, Great for work lighting, or finding parcel quickly and safely. Could be tailored to use in and RV or Minivan for fishing and hunting.
First Available: 27 Dec. 2015
Weight: 4.54 g
Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 3 cm
Model No: AUDEWigfse12
Part No: Audewgdga16
Type: led

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