AWARD WINNING BEST Fake Tan (250ml) Self TAN FORCE Skinny Tan Natural Look Face Tan and Body Self Bake Tan Invisible Tanning Foam TanForce Mousse Developing Sands Australian Dark Brown St Gold Bronzer

RRP PRICE: £39.95
SALE PRICE: £24.99
YOU SAVE: £14.96

  • ★ DEVELOPS NATURALLY OVER 6 TO 12 HOURS – Amazingly quick and easy to apply for a natural streak free tan. Tanforce is a clear foam mousse with no added staining colour, so no more ruined bed sheets. Our Low Foaming formula (the less foam the better) DOES NOT dry out skin. No more ugly crocodile scaling or mottled appearance from a spray mist. Tan Force fades DISCREETLY over time, ready for the next top up. Be bronzed all year long with a gold skinny Australian look false tan.
  • ★ INSTANT DRY, LOW ODOUR, FLAWLESS – with absolutely no oily or sticky residue. You can dress immediately. No hanging around waiting to dry. You can wear clothes without affecting lotion development, so no rubbing off on clothing or bed linen. Very, very low odour is omitted after application, no nauseating fake tan bake medium bronzing development smell. You will be loving it! LONG LASTING – It develops gradual and perfectly in just hours (Allow 6 hours before showering).
  • ★ OVER 95% NATURAL INGREDIENTS – The highest percentage yet to achieve the most natural looking LOW ODOUR Tan ever. For an all year round perfect perma-tan, you can just exfoliate every 10-14 days using the NYK1 EXFOLIMITT then apply a TanForce Top-Up using the NYK1 MegaMitt to blend old with the new, for a beautifully even, golden, all year round Tan with no unsightly lotion build up which rolls off with your towel after bathing. Paraben free. Made in the UK. Andrea Asquith formulation.
  • ★ COST EFFECTIVE – only a tiny amount is required each application. NYK1 Tanforce 250ml contents will last for months and months using every 10-14 days, even for the most devoted tanner. Say no to sunbeds and bake smells, and yes to a dark, flawless, Australian luxe skinny fake tan, without having to take tablets or apply an accelerator. We recommend that you purchase together with the instant bronzing NYK1 Mega Mitt tanning mitt glove applicator for face and body.
  • ★ GYM / POOL / SPORTS FRIENDLY – Sweat to your hearts content, or go swimming and enjoy leisure activities without having to worry about your tan washing off and streaking down your body. Apply in the morning for a loving medium gradual golden Tan by the afternoon, ready for an evening on the town. It lasts 10 days and even longer on regularly exfoliated skin.
First Available: 14 Oct. 2017
SKU: B01M3Q1P81

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