Facial Cleansing Brush,New-5 in 1 Waterproof Face Brush Exfoliating Brush Set,Portable Phototherapy Facial Cleansing Brush for All Skin Care

SALE PRICE: £23.99

  • 3 Speeds Mode: Low speed for gentle massage and exfoliation, high speed for deep cleansing. of facial brushes: 150 rpm gentle for compromised or fragile skin, 240 rpm for daily use,for all most skin types ; 300 rpm deep for most intensive cleansing; gentle and non-irritating, with great flexibility when it works. It penetrates deeply into the pores and thoroughly cleans, revealing a smooth complexion and a soft skin feel.this product
  • 5 Different Kinds Of Brush Heads: Exfoliating brush and Soft brush :great for normal ,oily, combination skin ; Silicone brush:suitable for normal, sensitive ,combination skin; Soft sponge brush and Pumice brush:administer to dry, oily skin,this suit provides a deep clean to remove the dirty. 
  • Advanced Skin Care : Phototherapy care of blue and red light, Following the concept of phototherapy care, blue LED light can eliminate bacteria, inhibit acne and blackheads, and fine pores. Red LED light stimulates collagen activity, reduces wrinkles, increases elasticity, and whitens skin. This combination can treat damaged skin and achieve maintenance.
  • Portable Use :This face brush is waterproof to ensure safety in the bathroom or shower. CM© USB charging for 2 hours is available for 15 days, you can bring it into the shower or bathtub, and use it freely during bathing. The unique vertical base design keeps it clean and dry.
  • Best Gift: The size is 170*70*49mm, Really light and easy to carry for travelling, the design is really good.Looks very modern with a smooth interface.It should be the perfect gift for lovers, friends and family.
First Available: 8 Sept. 2019
Batteries Required: Date First Available

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