GARDENA city gardening Terrace Hose 10 m: Spiral hose, ideal for balcony/terrace/front garden, no rolling/unrolling, automatically winds back up after use, with pulse sprayer (18424-20)

SALE PRICE: £38.99

  • Simple, convenient watering: The elastic house, which automatically contracts after use, makes inconvenient rolling and unrolling of conventional garden hose unnecessary
  • Ideally suited to watering small areas: Water plants on terraces, balconies, or front gardens with the 10-m-long hose, without having to lug a watering can around
  • Absolutely space-saving: The hose’s spiral force automatically pulls it together after use, meaning that it takes little space in your garden
  • With watering spray nozzle: The gentle spray is ideal for watering even sensitive flowers and plants
  • Scope of delivery includes: 1x GARDENA spiral hose 10 m, 1x hose connector adapter, 1x water stop, 1x Classic watering spray nozzle, 1x tap connector, 1x adapter, 5-year warranty, Made in Germany

Product description

Style Name:Terrace Hose 10 m

Product Description

Watering has never been so simple and convenient

The GARDENA city gardening spiral garden hose makes inconvenient rolling and unrolling of garden hoses and carrying of heavy watering cans unnecessary. Water the flowers and plants on your balcony or terrace or in your front garden with the 10-m-long, flexible water hose. The watering spray nozzle included in delivery allows your to water even sensitive potted plants gently and optimally.

Absolutely space-saving:

The spiral automatically pulls the hose back together after use, allowing space-saving storage at the point of use. It is UV resistant, free from harmful substances, and the pulse sprayer is frost-resistant.

The set contains the following:

A 10-m spiral hose equipped with a water stop and a hose connector adapter, a tap connector and adapter and a watering spray nozzle.

GARDENA – For more than 45 years, garden owners have trusted the Original GARDENA watering systems!

First Available: 3 Nov. 2016
Weight: 900 Grams
Length: 21.5 centimetres
Height: 33 centimetres
Model No: 18424-20
Part No: 18424-20
Type: Plastic
Material: Plastic

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