Oasis Ahead Metal Lawn Sprinkler K-300 With Long Range Pulsating Head For Up To 360 Degrees Watering Of Your Garden Including Water Shut Off Valve

SALE PRICE: £39.99

  • PERFECT FOR ALL YOUR WATERING NEEDS. Use for watering your lawn or flower bed, use as part of irrigation system, cool off hot surfaces or simply use as a fun water splashing activity for children or dogs.
  • 0° to 360° WATERING. Just set the angle you wish to cover with one simple setting. Use the detachable SHUT-OFF VALVE to turn the water on and off right by the sprinkler. No need to run back and forth to the faucet.
  • SHORT TO LONG RANGE DISTANCE CONTROL. Whether you are looking a sprinkler for your medium-sized backyard lawn or a big park-like garden this sprinkler will work for you. The K-300 Lawn Sprinkler covers between 4,000 to 6,000 square feet (depending on your local water pressure and other external factors).
  • CONNECT MULTIPLE SPRINKLERS. The base also features a “connector thread” that allows you to connect multiple sprinklers, so you can dramatically extend the coverage area.
  • BUILT TO LAST – GUARANTEED. The sturdy metal body and heavy-duty sprinkler head makes the strongest sprinkler you ever had. No more flimsy plastic sprinklers that barely last a season. If you don’t absolutely love this sprinkler, simply take advantage of our 60 days no-questions-asked MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. In addition you get a two-year Manufacturer’s Warranty against any functional defects.

Product description

The K-300 Lawn Sprinkler from Oasis Ahead is designed to give you full power and flexibility to meet your watering needs. Target your desired areas for watering with almost surgical precision using these important features:

* Easily set the angle you want the sprinkler to cover

* Adjust the distance your want the water to reach

* Use the shut-off valve to turn the water on and off to conveniently test your settings without having to go the faucet for every adjustment.

* Add diffusion to the water stream by adjusting the diffusion pin.

* Connect multiple sprinklers for maximum coverage using the extra connector thread included in the sprinkler base.

* Sturdy metal base and heavy-duty metal sprinkler head

Also check out the illustrated features in the product image gallery above.

First Available: 12 Dec. 2018
SKU: B07L9WNX8Q Weight: 975 g Length: 25 centimetres Height: 16 centimetres

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