Osram 64193NBL-01B Night Breaker Laser H4 Halogen Headlight Lamp, 12V, Single Blister, 1 Piece

SALE PRICE: £13.62

  • Night breaker laser Lamps shine more light on the Street thanks to innovative laser ablation technology,
  • COMBINATION of highly engineered filament and pure Xenon gas filling for Extra light output
  • Up to 130 % more light (compared to standard Halogen Lamps)
  • Up to 40 M longer beam (compared to standard Halogen Lamps)
  • Up to 20 % whiter light (compared to standard Halogen Lamps)

Product description

Style Name:Night Breaker Laser |  Size Name:Single blister

Product Description

OSRAM night breaker laser are the ideal lamps for drivers who KNOW the difference that powerful automotive lighting makes – on Dark country roads, in jostling City traffic or through suburban streets. Manufactured with an innovative laser ablation technology, the lamps keep the road ahead bright.

First Available: 7 Sept. 2016
Weight: 18.1 g
Dimensions: 8.8 x 4.5 x 4.3 cm
Model No: 64193NBL-01B
Part No: 64193NBL-01B
Type: Halogen

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