ultrasun 50+SPF Extreme 100 ml

ultrasun 50+SPF Extreme 100 ml

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Product description

Product Description

Ultrasun delivers a long lasting UVA filter that protects at over 90% throughout the day, setting industry leading standards. Fast absorbing, non-greasy, non sticky UVA and UVB sun protection gel with GSP-T for infrared protection and lamellar technology. Ideal for extreme sun conditions and extremely sensitive skin.

Note: Date mentioned on the item is Manufactured date and not the Expiry date

NOTE:- Ultrasun should always be applied indoors, on clean, dry, cool skin before sun exposure – Ultrasun should be left for 20-30 minutes to fully absorb before going out into the sun – On average we recommend 100ml of product per person, per week (of course depending on the individual)


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