John Adams 10729 Pig Goes Pop and Race Game

SALE PRICE: £12.99

  • 2-4 players
  • The player to get all their pegs HOME is the winner!

Product description

Product Description

Be the first player to get all four of your coloured pegs HOME. Before a player can put a peg on the starting arrow, they must pop a ‘6’. Popping a 6 also gives a player a bonus turn. On this bonus turn, the player may move this peg or any of their pegs that are on the path. All moves must be clockwise around the board. Throughout the game a pop of ‘6’ may be used to either move a new peg onto the ‘arrow’ or to move a peg already on the path. Don’t forget your bonus turn. If a pegs lands on a space occupeied by an opponent, the opponent returns their peg to one of their corner spaces. This peg can only be brought back into play with a pop of a ‘6’. If a peg lands on a space occupied by the same colour peg the player pops again for a different number, even if this is to the player’s disadvantage. When a peg has gone around the entire board, it moves into its HOME path. Opponents’ pegs are not permitted on this path. Player must pop the exact number needed to move into a HOME space!

Safety Warning

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts – choking hazard

First Available: 4 Feb. 2019
Dimensions: 26.7 x 5 x 26.7 cm
Model No: 10729
Batteries Required: No

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