Razorback RZT360 A4 Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer for Cutting Paper, Card, Laminating Pouches and Plastic Film – School, Home, and Office Use (360 mm Cut)

Razorback RZT360 A4 Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer for Cutting Paper

SALE PRICE: £69.85

  • Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer: This paper cutter cuts up to 20 80gsm sheets at once up to a length of 360mm (A4 size maximum). Ideal for paper, vinyl, photographs, card, laminated items, labels and more.
  • Sharp Blade: Included self-sharpening blade will serve a long life and is and manufactured to BS5498 standards.
  • Measure Precisely: The strong, metal base has a pre-printed size guide for your convenience. This versatile cutter lets you cut legal and letter paper sizes, and smaller items as needed.
  • Easy to Replace Cutting Heads: Even a Razorback blade can dull over time. Spare cutting heads are available and this machine makes it easy to change them out quickly and safely.
  • Many Uses: This paper cutter is ideal for any school or office environment.

Product description

Size Name:A4

Whether you are working, crafting, or creating a school project, the Razorback RZT360 A4 Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer can handle the job. This 360mm paper cutter can cut up to 20 sheets of paper (80gsm) at once. With a size range up to A4, this means you can cut legal and letter documents A5, A6, A7, and smaller. Use for scrapbooking, photos, cards, and more. The grid lines make it easy to get a straight, accurate cut. It is ideal for home, office, business and school cutting needs. This heavy duty tool gets its strength from a durable metal base. Featuring a long-life, self-sharpening blade, you can expect quick, sharp cuts every time you use it. This trimmer has been made to the BS5498 safety standards. Even Razorback blades can get worn with use, though, so spare cutting heads are available and easy to fit. This solid tool makes craft projects or office paper-cutting needs easier. With many years’ experience in the education market, Razorback’s extensive range of trimmers, staplers, tackers and more have been designed and refined by the wants and needs of teachers, office staff, and students.


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