Urbo Brommer Twin-Seater Vertical Laptop Stand for Desk to Accommodate Laptops and Tablets of Varying Sizes (because obviously you have more than one device!)

Urbo Brommer Twin-Seater Vertical Laptop Stand for Desk to Accommodate Laptops and Tablets of Varying Sizes (because obviously you have more than one device!)

SALE PRICE: £30.90

  • ✔ THE STRAIGHT-UP STAND: Prop up your 2 laptops, or 2 tablets, or 1 laptop + 1 tablet, vertically to free up desk space or to work in ‘closed display’ / closed clamshell mode. Simple and minimalist lines make this stand an essential desk accessory & part of your ergonomic office furniture.
  • ✔ NOT JUST FOR YOUR LAPTOP: Use the stand to hold large tablets, works as a MacBook stand, supports Mac Pro, Mac Mini and even stiff-spine books. Works in offices, co-working spaces and even in a home office.
  • ✔ SILICONE INSERTS: The 3 sizes of silicone inserts are made to grip softly and prevent scratches and suit different laptop widths. Narrowest insert holds laptops of up to 0.4″ width. The mid-sized insert is good for laptops up to 0.7″ and the widest insert can be used for laptops up to 0.9″ width. The Urbo® Brommer laptop riser not only cradles your laptop but also raises it from beverage spills!
  • ✔ CABLE ORGANIZER: Put all the cables underneath the arc of this laptop holder. Also use the loops on the silicone inserts to collect your cables and enjoy a clutter-free work space.
  • ✔ EFFICIENT: Urbo Vertical Laptop Stand comes with 3 silicone inserts of different sizes (additional inserts sold separately), Welcome Guide and Urbo’s customer-friendly support.

Product description

Size:Vertical |  Colour:C – Double Decker

Zen and the art of desk maintenance

Most of us have 2 laptops and an even greater number of us have a tablet or a smaller notebook&a laptop. 1 laptop for work, 1 for play and then that tablet and an iPad too – all of which means we have less space than we need. And of course, your productive desk space will also have diaries, stationery, pens, pen holders and more.

This duplex stand gives your desk some more breathing space. Get clutter-free or focus your attention on some non-computer stuff by stacking up 2 of your devices on the UrboBrommervertical laptop stand.

What can this stand do for you?
We believe that everybody needs a stand like this, and here’s why.
It is useful to store your laptop when it is not in use. It helps when you are using your Apple or other laptops in clamshell / closed display mode and working with an external monitor.

It helps you care for other people too. When you are sharing work space with somebody else, you can clear the decks by putting away your laptop, in a trice.

Sublime space
You are familiar with the merits of having healthy workstation habits and how it fits into the ergonomic equation. Getting some ‘real estate’ on your desk space goes a long way in:
♦Enhancing productivity,
♦Boosting creative thinking,
♦Lowering stress levels and
♦Organizing all your stuff

And one of the ways to get all this (and more) is by going vertical.

Rest easy with Urbo’s 1-year Worldwide Warranty (automatically extends to 2 years when warranty is activated online).

First Available: 3 Jan. 2020
Weight: 209 g
Dimensions: 26.9 x 17 x 7.4 cm
Model No: UR-L
Material: Wood
Colour: C – Double Decker

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