Front protection tarpaulin Fiat Ducato type 250 | 2006-2014 | thermal mat | bow protection tarpaulin

Front protection tarpaulin Fiat Ducato type 250 | 2006-2014 | thermal mat | bow protection tarpaulin

SALE PRICE: £72.03

  • ✔ adapted (model-specifically) for windscreen and side window
  • ✔ thermoacoustic
  • ✔ effectively insulates cold, heat and draught
  • ✔ ideal privacy protection
  • ✔ quick assembly due to lugs and magnet system

Product description

deiwo bow protection tarpaulin suitable for Fiat Ducato / Peugeot Boxer / Citroen Jumper 2006 – 2014

No matter the season – the deiwo bow protection tarp is a must-have in any camping equipment! When traveling, the tarp offers ideal visual protection and insulates against heat and cold.

Your privacy matters!

Our deiwo bow protection tarp not only serves to shield against extreme temperatures, but also provides excellent privacy. With advancing digitalisation and despite a generally applicable data protection regulation, more and more information about us is unintentionally being revealed on the internet. That should not happen on the campsite. With the deiwo bow protection tarp, you shield the driver’s cab of your motorhome and thus protect yourself from prying eyes into your personal.

Not just a bow protection – we say ‘Frosted windows no more!’

A nice, slow morning and you are just about to start your day right but it is still a bit crisp out there? Just as you approach your vehicle on the drive you get to realise that again, it is frozen windows all over for you… oh dear! Sounding familiar? Time to scratch then, eh? Or maybe you have already equipped yourself with an inexpensive, thin protective film, which should protect your windows, but usually only lasts through one winter and is therefore an annoying annual, unnecessary new purchase. This not only pollutes the environment in a way, it also eats up resources and empties your wallet regularly. Why not use a high quality alternative? The front protection tarps by deiwo not only protect the windscreen from icing up, they also cover the side windows. Get a deiwo and have yourself more time for the good things in life – camping, barbecuing, meeting up with friends!

deiwo – for the quality-conscious camper

Bow protection tarps by deiwo are manufactured model-specifically.

First Available: 20 Mar. 2019
Weight: 3.34 Kg
Dimensions: 32.4 x 32.4 x 10.4 cm
Part No: 156796407

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