Glow Stones – 200pcs Colorful Garden Pebbles for Walkways Décor Plants Pot Fish Tank Aquarium Ornaments in Blue, by Fiona (Blue)

Glow Stones - 200pcs Colorful Garden Pebbles for Walkways Décor Plants Pot Fish Tank Aquarium Ornaments in Blue

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  • What You will Get – 200pcs blue glow in the dark stones can be used as outdoor and indoor decor,perfect for decorating aquarium,fish tank,vase,flowerpot,swimming pool,garden and yard,make your home and yard incredibly beautiful.
  • Glowing in the Dark Stones – Glow up stones with bright,vibrant color,each pack of resin stones gives you a feast of blue light in the dark,adding a dreamlike ambiance to your decoration.
  • DIY Crafts – You can put together a variety of patterns,add a dash of colored light to your DIY project.These luminous pebbles are the perfect way to add that unique touch.
  • Eco-friendly and Reusable – These glowing pebbles are made of high quality resin eco-friendly,non-toxic,non-radioactive.No sharp corners,it is safe for you to decorate anywhere that you want.
  • Easy and Reusable – Remove the package and put the pebbles under the sun or light,make sure that each pebble absorb light,it will glow in the dark and can be reusable.

Product description

Colour Name:Blue

Do you want to make your garden or yard look different from your neighbors’ at night?These glow in the dark pebbles can make your garden stand out from your neighbors’s!



★Pebbles will absorb the sunlight at day and glow in the dark at night. More hours of absorbing sunlight and stronger the light, the brighter the stone

★Perfect for DIY lover to decorate flower pot, garden walkway, fish tank, glass vases as well as borders and flower bed

★High polished without sharp corner, safe for decorating garden and fish tank


How to make pebbles glow?

★Test glow pebbles for the first time when you received them: pick several stones and exposed them under the sunlight for 20 minutes, bring them back to totally dark place at your home to check the effect

★Remove package, expose pebbles stone under the sunlight at day for several hours or put them under strong light at night(room light/lamplight(so you can use them even at Winter!).

★After absorbing enough light, take them to dark place or turn off the light,you will get glowing stones and a beautiful night!


Why they won’t glow?

1: Not get enough light, let them absorb sunlight

2: Pebbles glow soft light and will be hard to notice at bright place. View at in the dark or turn off the lights



*Color: Blue

*Quantity: 200 pcs

*Pebble Size: 2.5-5cm

*Material: Resin

 Package include:

1x 200pcs glow pebble

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First Available: 6 April 2019
SKU: B07QCK8138

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