MastaPlasta Navy Blue Self-Adhesive LEATHER REPAIR Patches. Choose size/design. First-aid for sofas, car seats, handbags, jackets etc.

MastaPlasta Navy Blue Self-Adhesive LEATHER REPAIR Patches. Choose size/design. First-aid for sofas

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  • Save your sofa, car seat, handbag, briefcase or leather jacket..^Leather repair: easy, cheap and looks great – no one will ever know you are hiding a hole or stain^Works on car seats, sofas, motorbile seats, handbags, suitcases, leather jackets and more^Works on leather, vinyl and many other upholstery fabrics^Made in UK. Patented product.
  • Cool stick-on leather patches. MastaPlasta self-adhesive patches can mend your sofa, chair, bar stool, leather jacket, hand bag, briefcase, saddle, bean bag, car upholstery. Great for damage by pet claws, belts, cigarette burns and ink stains.
  • Mends holes; covers stains; looks great
  • First-aid for sofas, car seats, handbags etc.
  • More colours/designs/sizes available

Product description

Style Name:NAVY PLAIN 20cmx10cm

Product Description

Just peel and stick a self-adhesive MastaPlasta to cover holes, scratches, rips, burns or stains on sofas, bags, leather jackets – it’s easy, extremely cost-effective and looks great. MastaPlastas stick to leather, vinyl and many other upholstery fabrics. You don’t need any damage; use it for decoration. They are available in a wide range of colours but are specially designed so they do not have to colour-match – the engineered super-thin edge helps give it a smooth finish so the patches look like embossed leather – part of the seat, jacket or bag. Where the colours are close, the patches can be hard to spot. Our adhesive is incredibly strong – but it is also water-based and solvent-free. MastaPlastas are available in Dark Brown, Mid-Brown, Tan, Black, Grey, Ivory, Beige, Red, Navy Blue and Green. MastaPlastas have a UK patent, a worldwide patent pending and holds the prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for both Innovation and International Trade. MastaPlastas are made from MastaHide, a luxury alternative to real leather found on yachts and catwalks. It can handle hospital-strength cleaning agents but is as soft to the touch as the finest Italian leathers. It is stain-resistant, sun-resistant, mould-resistant, extremely tough yet breathable and extremely soft. MastaPlastas are not suitable for machine-washing. MastaPlastas are designed and made in the UK by furniture designers who know the expense of re-upholstery is not an option for most people and leather repair kits are fiddly and often unsuitable. We use UK-made raw materials as far as possible. Our packaging is of course recyclable, and as much as possible is itself made from recycled products. There are now hundreds of thousands of MastaPlastas shoring up damaged leather in all corners of the world, from Argentinia to Alaska; in living rooms, hotels, restaurants, clinics, schools, universities, beauty salons, trucks, churches, marinas, kennels..

Safety Warning

Not applicable

First Available: 11 Jun. 2016
Weight: 9.07 g
Dimensions: 20 x 0.2 x 10 cm
Model No: NavyLargePlain20x10cm
Part No: NavyPlain200x100

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