Pets N Paws Stop Your Dogs Diarrhea in Its Tracks, Crush Colitis and Give Your Dog a New Lease Of Life Whilst Avoiding Expensive Vet Bills – 150 Gram Powder With A Precise Measuring Scoop

Pets N Paws Probiotics For Dogs and Dog Stool Firmer

SALE PRICE: £15.99

  • ✅ Aids Digestive Health: Unlocking the true POWER of over 3 trillion good bacteria easing stomach pains caused by chemical fillers commonly found in pet foods. Our dog probiotics provide relief from bloating, gas, gastrointestinal diseases, constipation, incontinence as well as providing much-needed diarrhoea relief for dogs. Our advanced formulation is veterinary strength providing RAPID results ensuring your dogs’ health starts from the inside out
  • ⛔ Avoid Paying More For The Same Results: Make our probiotic your first port of call and save the expensive vet trip! Often an upset tummy is simply a case of your dog eating something it shouldn’t have – but that can be an EXPENSIVE vet trip
  • Perfect For ANY Breed, Age Size Or Stage of Development: Just because your dog is FIT and HEALTHY does not mean it won’t benefit from taking canine probiotics.. All dogs will benefit from healthy probiotics at all ages and stage and all stages of life
  • CRUSH Embarrassing WIND A Problem Diarrhea: Dogs have NO shame, none – absolutely zero, but by using our advanced formulation you will halt your dog’s diarrhoea and embarrassing pit stops in their tracks!

Product description

The Three Trillion Reasons Why – K9 Probiotic and Prebiotic Dog Supplement

I’m willing to bet you’d do anything to have a few extra precious years with your dog. To give your dog a new lease of life, to prevent suffering and pain, we can’t promise that’ll happen, but we can do our best to lend helping hand.

Our unique probiotic and prebiotic K9 dog digestion supplement is veterinary strength, and fast-acting targeting toxic compounds helping eliminate and excrete them from the body. Our formula is packed with powerful good bacteria for dogs as well as powerful digestive enzymes helping improve the overall health of your dog from inside and out.

The bond between dog and owner can never be broken, we want the very best for you and your furry companion. You both deserve the best, and we deliver. We will never use any unnecessary fillers or chemicals, our canine probiotics supplement is a product of nature – gentle and nurturing.

What Our Advanced Digestive Enzyme for Dogs Will Do For Your Best Friend:
  • Provide Digestive Support
  • Provides Diarrhoea Relief For Dogs Probiotics
  • Helps Prevent Loose Stools In Dogs
  • Helps Increase Coat Health And Shine
  • Charity Is In Our Ethos

    We support animal welfare charities in the UK supporting dogs, cats and animals in need. We donate a percentage of all sales to charities across the UK helping support of furry, feathered and scaly friends. We’re pet lovers too!

    Our Promise

    If your pup is not delighted with our amazing formulation, we will give you your money back, it’s that simple. We fully believe in our product and we stand by what we say – try it today, as there is no risk!RISK FREE FOR 90 DAYS.


    We’ll also send you 10 AMAZING quick and simple homemade dog food recipes packed full of nutrients and goodness!

    First Available: 29 Jan. 2020
    SKU: B0849KVMP8
    Size: 150 Grams
    Dimensions: 11.1 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm
    Colour: White
    Pack Quantity: 1
    Batteries Required: No
    Batteries Included: No

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