Braun iCheck 7 BPW4500WE Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Braun iCheck 7 BPW4500WE Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

SALE PRICE: £83.99

  • Quick and easy blood pressure measurement with high ease of use.
  • Immediately analyse your blood pressure using a coloured heart symbol based on the guidelines of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
  • The system can be easily positioned at the right place on the wrist using the “ball-in-hole” guide.
  • comfortable and gentle pressure build-up and a faster measurement.
  • Can be easily synchronized with the healthy heart app for permanent access to your data.

Product description

Product Description

The iCheck7 offers a hassle-free and fast blood pressure tracking with the professional accuracy, certified by the European Association for high blood pressure. Easy to attach to your wrist. The clever “ball-in-hole” system leads to correct positioning to accurately measure your blood pressure. Once your blood pressure is measured, the results are colour coded from green to red, so you can read your heart health with a single look on your wrist. The readings can be easily transferred to your smartphone or tablet with our free Healthy Heart app. The app clearly visualizes all your blood pressure readings using diagrams and graphics. In addition to your blood pressure readings that are automatically synced to the app, you can also record your sleep, nutrition, stress and sports daily to get a more comprehensive picture of your well-being. Using our app you can see the effects of your activity on your blood pressure and gives you a realistic picture of your blood pressure. You can share these results with your doctor. At a glance you can view individual measurements and see the more comprehensive connections of your heart health over time. All with just a few clicks.

Box Contains

1 x iCheck 7 wrist blood pressure monitor and 2 AA alkaline batteries.

First Available: 28 Jun. 2018
Brand: Braun

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