Bronson++ TI 1000 Watt 110v Transformers | Toroidal Core, USA Voltage Converter Plug, Step Up and Step Down, US to UK Transformator 1000W

Bronson++ TI 1000 Watt 110v Transformers | Toroidal Core

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  • 110v Transformers, are the perfect solution for using American, Japanese and other 110 volt electrical appliances in Europe with 110-230 Volt power supply. Conversely, use this unit for, 200-240 Volt devices on 100-120 Volt power grid. Equipped with the latest circuit breakers
  • US Voltage Converter, is lightweight and efficient and features the latest Toroidal Core Technology. This unit is best suited to run continuously and silently in music and sound studios, living rooms and bedrooms as well in vehicles and on boats
  • Transformator 110v, Bronson++ TI series, lets you connect multiple devices at the same time. It has an input of 220-240 or 100-120 Volts AC via the supplied standard UK and EU power cord. The unit can also be powered via a standard US power cord.
  • USA Voltage Converter, is operated via a standard power cord. Both an EU and UK power cord are included with the unit. Power specifications are; maximum power: 1000 Watt. Maximum performance for continuous operation 800 Watt
  • Power Converter US to UK, has an output of 110-120 Volts AC via 1 USA (NEMA) socket for 2-pin or 3-pin plugs, and 220-230 Volt AC via 1 EU Schuko socket and 1 UK socket. Use a converter with a capacity of at least 140% of the connected devices.

Product description

Size Name:1000 Watt

High Quality Voltage Converter US to UK
Perfect for either home or industrial usage, the Bronson++ range of voltage converters provides an easy solution to convert voltages for your electrical appliances. This voltage converter allows for the use of American, Japanese and other 110 Volt devices in Europe with 220 to 230 Volt power supply. Conversely, if you want to use on 100 to 120 Volt power grid it will do that also. Our voltage transformer will suit your needs in sizes ranging from 200 Watts – 2,000 Watts. Manufactured to the highest standards for maximum performance, efficient, silent and safe plus our power converters are equipped with modern circuit breakers. Bronson++ voltage transformers use the latest design and construction to ensure they are lightweight, have low electromagnetic scattering, which results in a high efficiency rating of 98% and relatively low noise.

Easily Connect All Your Electrical Appliances
This voltage transformer easily connects to multiple devices at the same time, just make sure that the total power rating of all connected devices never exceeds the maximum rated output of the voltage transformer. For optimal use (especially for more than 30 min.), we recommend a converter with a capacity of at least 140% of the connected devices.

110v Transformer Operation
At the front of the device there is a USA socket with 110 Volt output with a Euro and a UK socket with 220 Volt output. The transformer is operated via a standard power cord and all of our units are supplied with both EU and UK power cords for your convenience.

Transformator 110v Cautionary Note:
Not all devices are compatible with voltage converters due to electrical frequency (Hz) issues. Before buying a converter, please contact the device manufacturer to clarify the suitability of the product for use. Click the, Add to Cart, button now and see how handy your voltage transformer is with our current promotion.

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