Ergogo Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow – Travel Back Cushion Portable with 3D Mesh Cover – Black Ergonomic Seat Pad, Back Office Soft Rest – Orthopedic Protector for Lower Brace Pain Relief Massage

Ergogo Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow - Travel Back Cushion Portable with 3D Mesh Cover - Black Ergonomic Seat Pad

SALE PRICE: £22.90

  • OPTIMAL COMFORT – Not brick hard nor squashed soft, No lumbar spasm when stand up, fantastic!
  • LINT COVER – 3D mesh have cooling breathability, needle hole structure designed to improve airflow
  • SHAPE – The car seat lumbar cushion can mold perfectly on the lower back for protection and ideal posture comfort.
  • DENSITY – 3D mesh cover density is much higher than the others, so the seams are not transparent.
  • GUARANTEE – If you don’t take care of your back today, will you tomorrow? Try now 30 days memory foam back support cushion 2 pack

Product description

How to feel total relax and comfort on your back when you are sitting?

I promise that, after just one day with Ergogo Lumbar support pillow, you will be inspired and thrilled with how satisfying the cushion could be.
The back support pillow is studied to give you quick relief, that will keep you engaged and excited when sitting in front of computer in the office or at home or in your car while driving.

The lumbar support seat cushion secrets are:

♦ Quick back relief when sitting, orthopedic medical recommendation
♦ High quality memory foam with just the right softness for improving posture and decrease tension in the lumbar muscle
♦ High breathability of 3D mesh lint cover for not having the sticky feeling of the cushion on your back
♦ Adjustable on the chair, for finding the right spot on your back for massaging rest, and facilitate the different high of people, from the wheelchair of the older to the gaming zone seat of the children
♦ Take away ability, for having with yourself wherever you go, portable when you go on travel
diams; Removable pillow mesh cover with zipper, so can be washed or be changed wherever you want

Your satisfaction is assured through our no-risk, you can’t lose, 100%, no question asked, money back guarantee. If somehow or for some reason you don’t gain satisfaction with your purchase, just contact within 30 days and you will be refunded 100% of your purchase price.
What I am saying is don’t decide now if the Memory Foam Back Support Cushion is right for you. Try it out for one full month – risk free approved You have nothing to lose!
Our price is even lower than other branded lower back cushions, however, for a limited time, we are running an introductory offer and you can have a discount of 20% on your product

-But you must act now! –

First Available: 24 Jun. 2017
Weight: 531 g
Type: 👌 Ergonomic Design With 2 Straps Maintain the Cushion Firm on the Chair and Avoid Sliding Down, Strong and Easy to Regulate, Comfortable and Fit Perfectly on the Back. Right Density It Helps to Maintain the Right Position When Seating and Not Change With the Temperature Variation Or Passing of Time. High Quality Foam, Mantaines the Memory and Don’t Have a Chemical Smell.
Material: Memory foam
Batteries Required: No

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