SZCLIMAX Waist Trimmer – Accelerates Weight Loss, Fat Burning, Back Support, Neoprene Sauna Slimming Belt, Best Abdominal Trainer for Men & Women – Running and Workout

SZCLIMAX Waist Trimmer - Accelerates Weight Loss

SALE PRICE: £15.99

  • 【Maximize Fat Burning】This slimming belt increases thermal activity and boosts sweat during exercise, increasing weight loss, refining your waist, helping to redraw your figure and lose belly fat. It promotes blood circulation, helps burn calories and eliminate toxins, helps to redraw the silhouette and to lose belly.
  • 【Improve Posture and Protection】The abdominal belt provides support for low back muscles and abdominal muscles, building a strong core that provides better balance and posture. Protects and reduces waist pain and relieves stress on the muscles of the lower back, while the sauna belt effectively warms the waist, increase muscle stability and rapid recovery, reduce injuries to the spine during exercise.
  • 【Strong Back Support】The waist trimmer belt made of a soft, stretchy neoprene material, flexes and expands to give you compression and great continuous lumbar support and does not restrict or hinder movement. Lumbar support helps keep the lower back supported during exercise and workouts, and helps improve posture.
  • 【High Quality Material】The sweat belt is made of high quality neoprene, soft and durable, can store heat, stimulate body heat and perspiration, is not sticky, no odor. This slimming belt can be adjusted up to 110 cm, adheres perfectly to your body and comfortably accompanies your movements during intense physical activities without slipping.
  • 【Unisex and Versatile Use】The weight loss ab belt is suitable for almost all workouts or activities, such as cycling, walking, basketball, fitness, yoga, outdoor activities and so on. It can prevent injuries and lose that extra abdominal fat, giving you a different sports experience. It’s the perfect gift for your friends and family who want to use it to lose weight.

Product description

❶ It will increase your core temperature during exercise improving thermogenic activity and sweat.
❷ It will provide excellent insulation that ensures you benefit from increased blood circulation around your stomach.
❸ You wear fitness belt and insist on exercising, you can get rid of the stubborn belly fat more quickly, strengthens your lower back muscles.
❹ Sweating out during workout promotes the elimination of a toxicant from your body.
❺ Made with premium neoprene, soft and close for lower back support.
❻ You can put your phone in the pocket and listen to music when you sport.

●Material: Neoprene
●Product dimension: 110*21.5*0.5cm
●Net weight: 228g
●Size available: One size fits all
●Compatible waist size: fit up to 43.5″ in waist circumference
●Physical exercise such as running, aerobics, yoga, squats, cycling, etc.

1) Do not use it if allergic to neoprene
2) As the material is neoprene, the product will smell a little, we suggest ventilate to reduce the odor.
3) When wearing it, you need to fasten it with Velcro to prevent it ride up.
4) It cannot sweat by itself, but it is to fix your spine, to achieve protection during exercise, and to better help achieve sweating.

Wash Tips:
➢ First-time use: Wipe the fitness belt with a damp cloth, and then dry it natural
➢ After exercise: After exercise, you can wipe with soapy water, then rinse and dry naturally
➢ Recommend hand wash with mild laundry detergent in col

First Available: 10 Jan. 2019
Size: 115cm
Batteries Included: No

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