Villa d’Este Home Tivoli 2195378 Marea Table 18 Pieces, Porcelain + Stoneware

Villa d'Este Home Tivoli 2195378 Marea Table 18 Pieces

SALE PRICE: £80.84

  • Tide table set 18 pieces made of porcelain and stoneware 6 seats table in 6 different colours in the same package the service consists of 6 dinner plates, 6 soup plates, 6 fruit plates; flat dish: diameter 27 x h. 2.5 cm flat bottom: diameter 20.5 x h. 5 cm fruit plate: diameter 19 x h. 2 cm Microwave Safe Dishwasher Safe

Product description

Porcelain and Stoneware – the perfect mix of functionality and sophistication. Elegance and lightness distinguish the flat plates and fruit plates, made of fine white porcelain on which the decal is applied. The glazed stoneware of the six soup dishes brings functionality to the table: thick and durable retains the heat of hot pasta dishes such as soups and soups and facilitates the service. The enamelled surface enhances the colours of the table. Breakdown at the table each service consists of 6 table seats, each with a different decoration or colour from the other dishes of the same set. Those who choose the decomposed will have an unconventional and different, multi-coloured, with different patterns and colours. We give each guest sitting around a table a different colour, as each contributes differently to conviviality.

First Available: 13 Feb. 2020
Model No: 2195378
Batteries Required: No