Blum SERVO-DRIVE Drive Unit I Automatic Opening of Drawers and Trays I Luxury Living

Blum SERVO-DRIVE Drive Unit I Automatic Opening of Drawers and Trays I Luxury Living

SALE PRICE: £70.30

  • Luxury living. This drive unit allows the silent opening of drawers and drawers by gently tapping. A quick touch or a slight pull on the handle is enough and the SERVO DRIVE gives the front the stimulus to open. How and where the front is touched does not matter. Drawers open by themselves.
  • Modern. Even large and heavy fronts are easily moved and completely opened, silently. This allows the user to use the full range of motion and the interior of the cabinet is very easily accessible.
  • SECURITY: Despite the electrical unit, the cabinet can also be operated without restriction manually. When the flap encounters an object, the opening process is immediately and automatically stopped.
  • UNIVERSAL. Item number: Z10A3000.03. Can be used for all pull-out systems with a body width from 275 mm. Suitable for Blum AVENTOS, AVENTOS HF, HS and HL.
  • Blum quality. The product is made of plastic and dust grey. It has a rated voltage of 24 volts and a standby consumption of 0.19 W (1.68 kWh/year). The installation instructions are included (cannot guarantee English language).

Product description

Blum Servo-Drive Z10A3000.03 drive unit, this automatic system allows you to live in a modern and practical way. A short touch on the front and the drawer opens as if by magic by itself. Do you want a luxury kitchen like from the furniture catalogue without annoying handles? This drive unit enables the electronic opening of drawers and trays. Even large and heavy fronts are easily opened by a short tap or pull. Benefit from the high quality of Blum products and fulfil the dream of a modern home!

First Available: 13 Mar. 2018
Weight: 281 g
Dimensions: 56.9 x 36.9 x 17.3 cm
Colour: Staubgrau
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No

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