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Amazon Prime Day 2020: Best Last-Minute PC Gaming Deals

The e-commerce company Amazon's Prime Day 2020 still has a few hours on its clock and deals are not slowing down or closing any time yet. The public still have until midnight to utilize the crazy deals and discounts available on Amazon's website, particularly on all PC gaming needs. 

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The clock is ticking and its nearing midnight, so how about checking out these last-minute deals and purchase all your computer gaming needs and accessories to upgrade and change your current set-up at home. Amazon Prime Day 2020 may be late this year, but last-minute purchases are welcome on the platform. We previously covered a sale for all the best gaming deals during the early days of the Amazon Prime Day 2020.

However, this intended for the last-minute buys that are worth every buck. This opportunity may be your last chance to grab your equipment of choice and save a chunk out of your purchase. Read Also: [Grooming Essentials] 4 Best Tech Beauty Deals for Amazon Prime Day 2020

Last-Minute PC Gaming Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2020

It would be a solid month before November's Black Friday sale, so really, this is the last chance to get massive discounts for the same purchase in the following days.

Among this list are several top-notch pieces of equipment that will power your gaming needs and play.

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB DDR4 3200

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Best Last-Minute PC Gaming Deals(Photo : Amazon)

Corsair's massive random access memory (RAM) is a bang for your buck. This powerful part is an ideal companion for the high-performing graphics card and processor chip. Thirty-two gigabytes is already a lot for seamless gaming experience and even editing processes.

The massive RAM would ensure a continuous play and work that pairs well with Intel's Processors and AMD's Ryzen. Original Price: £165.00 Amazon Prime Day Price: £126.99

Check-out this deal here.

SK Hynix Gold S31 1TB SATA SSD

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Best Last-Minute PC Gaming Deals(Photo : Amazon)

Solid State Drives are the trend for PC gaming and even laptop computers. However, these drives are not for show only, as SSDs pack a powerful addition to every needs a user asks for. The S31 has a read speed of 560 MB/s that sets the record for SATA's performance.

This model is one of the cheapest SSDs in the market at 1TB in size.  Original Price: £159.99 Amazon Prime Day Price: £83.99

Check out the S31 deal here

ABS Challenger Gaming PC

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Best Last-Minute PC Gaming Deals(Photo : Newegg)

Everything users need for an upgrade is here, only lacking its monitor. No more parts hunting and mix-and-matching to build one's ultimate PC. The pre-built CPU is packed with a 6-core & 12 thread CPU, along with an NVIDIA GTX 1660 graphics card.

The PC is already with 8gb of RAM and 512gb of SSD for storage. AMD's Ryzen 5 3600 also joins the power package. Original Price: £899.99

Sale Price: £549.99 Check out the ABS Challenger Deal here at Newegg.

Asus TUF Gaming A15 Laptop

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Best Last-Minute PC Gaming Deals(Photo : Amazon)

Asus' certified gaming laptop from the "TUF" line is now on sale, as part of Amazon's discounted Prime Day sale. The TUF Gaming A15 model is an affordable gaming laptop that is jam-packed with the latest tech and top quality specs for all gaming needs.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4gb graphics, Quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 R5-3550H Processor, 256gb SSD, 8gb RAM, and Windows 10 Home are all included in the purchase. Original Price: £799.00 Amazon Prime Day Sale Price: £749.00

Check out Asus' TUF A15 here.

Gigabyte G32QC 165Hz WQHD 

Amazon Prime Day 2020: Best Last-Minute PC Gaming Deals(Photo : Amazon)

Gigabyte's Curved Monitor for Gaming and all computer needs come at no better time to be discounted for Amazon's Prime Day 2020. The need for an ultimate gaming monitor that envelops the surroundings, including the peripherals because of its curved screen is here. The massive 32-inch with a 2560x1440p display is sure to take the quality up a notch. 

Original Price: £369.99 Amazon Prime Day Price: £329.99 Check out Gigabyte's Monitor here

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