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Amazon Prime Day board game deals 2020

If you were on the hunt for a bargain, the Amazon Prime Day board game deals would like a word. Everything from Hasbro to Fantasy Flight games have been discounted, and you can save up to 40% in some cases. Because those price cuts include some of the best board games, it's not an opportunity to pass up.

In fact, they're among the top Amazon Prime Day deals we've seen so far. Because these Amazon Prime Day board game deals span board games for 2 players to the best board games for adults (and everything in between), there's a lot to choose from. There are a more than a few of the best card games on offer, for example, not to mention loads of board games for kids.

That's why we've gathered up the most tempting Amazon Prime Day board game deals for you here. 

We'll keep this page regularly updated with any new sales that appear, so be sure to check in every now and then. Just remember to be quick. Some of these reductions might not last too long, and the sales event itself only runs from October 13 to 14. 

Don't worry if you miss the boat, though. The Black Friday deals that begin later this year should be filled with board game offers as well, so it's definitely worth keeping an eye out for when that sales event kicks off this November. You can be guaranteed money off modern hits as well as the best classic board games.

Anyway, onward to the deals. Happy shopping!

Amazon Prime Day board game deals

One Night Ultimate Werewolf | £25 £18.74 at Amazon US / GBP14 GBP12.97 at Amazon UK
One Night Ultimate Werewolf is like the ultimate game of wink murder; it's the same classic idea with added monsters that are picking off hapless villagers one by one. Players only have five minutes to find the werewolf, so they've got to work quickly - and try to figure out who's misdirecting them.
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Disney Villainous | £40 £26.24 at Amazon US / GBP30.99 at John Lewis
If you want a competitive board game and you love Disney, Villainous is made for you.

It allows you to take control of classic Disney baddies like Maleficent or Jafar and make their evil dreams come true. Thanks to amazing production values, it's also stunning to look at. If you want to see more, don't forget to check in with our Disney Villainous review.
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Ticket to Ride | £55 £31.50 at Amazon US / GBP40 GBP30.99 at Amazon UK
Ticket to Ride is a stone-cold classic, and it's one of the more chilled-out games on this list.

You're tasked with building a railway across America and completing certain routes, but you'll need to wrestle with each other for control of the most lucrative ones. It's good fun, and getting a discount like this is always welcome (and if you want to try something different, the European version is £24.99 in the US instead of £55 and GBP30.46 in the UK).
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Gloomhaven | £140 £100.88 at Amazon US / GBP140 GBP106.56 at Amazon UK
If you want the ultimate RPG board game, it's Gloomhaven. This is a fantastically immersive experience with long-term consequences from one session to another, secret components, and more.

It's been topping best-of lists for years, and for good reason.
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Twilight Imperium | £120 £109.95 at Amazon US / GBP150 GBP112.49 at Amazon UK
Alright, so it's not a massive saving. But the Twilight Imperium game has always been pretty expensive, so any money off we can get is worthy of note. This one is an epic strategy game that allows you to create your own intergalactic space opera, and it's a beloved classic.View Deal

King of Tokyo | £43 £31.43 at Amazon US / GBP29 GBP25.89 at Amazon UK
This awesome dice-based board game is based on the likes of Godzilla and King Kong, and it's a tongue-in-cheek bit of fun as a result.

It's also surprisingly easy to get into. That makes it a good fit for most ages, and it's also great for two players or more.
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Fallout | £60 £42.99 at Amazon US / GBP44.82 at Amazon UK
Head to the wasteland in this tabletop version of the beloved video game series. As an RPG board game, it allows you to explore post-apocalyptic America, complete quests, build up a reputation with various factions, and collect shiny, shiny loot.

Perfect for Fallout fans.
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Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-Earth | £100 £71.39 at Amazon US / GBP82.33 at Amazon UK
You can head to Middle-Earth for your own adventure in this expansive board game. It allows you to quest through the world of Lord of the Rings with some of its most beloved characters in a co-op journey with detailed miniatures, fighting off orcs and seeing what the companion app has in store for you next.
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Amazon Prime Day card game deals

Boss Monster | £25 £22.67 at Amazon US / GBP25 GBP21.99 at Amazon UK
Besides being a nostalgia trip for fans of old RPG video games, this card game is fantastic in terms of its core idea; you're in charge of a classic side-scrolling dungeon and must lure adventurers to their doom with treasure. It's quick, easy to get your head around, and full of fun nods to the roleplaying games of days gone by.

A must-have.
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Exploding Kittens | £20 £12.99 on Amazon US / GBP20 GBP11.19 at Amazon UK
This delightfully wacky game is easy to pick up and a real laugh as well. A "highly strategic, kitty-powered version of Russian roulette," Exploding Kittens is a must-have for parties and get-togethers. Because it's short and sweet, it's also the perfect warm-up game before something more tactical.

Meanwhile, the Party Pack is also on offer for £19.49 instead of £30, while the UK version is GBP20.59 instead of GBP30.
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Gloom | £25 £19.85 at Amazon US / GBP26.99 at Amazon UK
Ah, Gloom - the wonderfully miserable and hilariously bleak card game where you must make your family as unhappy as possible. It's basically like stepping inside a Tim Burton movie, and it's a delight. It's also a great pallet cleanser from some of the more traditional games on this list.
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Arkham Horror: The Card Game | £45 £34.45 at Amazon US / GBP35 GBP31.95 at Amazon UK
Arkham Horror is a classic, and this card game adaptation makes it more accessible than ever.

You're tasked with stopping an invasion of Lovecraftian horrors from pouring into our world, and it's got just the right atmosphere for a Halloween games night.
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Amazon Prime Day Dungeons & Dragons deals

Dungeons & Dragons Core Rulebooks Gift Set | £170 £91.64 at Amazon US / GBP89.99 at Amazon UK
If you want to get started with D&D, this is the ultimate bundle for you. It crams in the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual along with a special foil covers, a slipcase, and a dungeon master's screen. At a massive £78 less than normal, it's a real bargain.View Deal

Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden | £50 £29.97 at Amazon US / GBP38 GBP33.37 at Amazon UK
The latest D&D campaign has just seen a massive price drop thanks to Amazon Prime Day, tumbling in cost by an eye-catching 40%.

It allows you to explore the dangerous and icy north, all while adding some survival horror to your adventure. Considering the fact that it's only a month old, that reduction is a bargain.View Deal

Mythic Odysseys of Theros | £50 £29.97 at Amazon / GBP38 GBP27.62 at Amazon UK
As one of the more recent D&D books, seeing Mythic Odysseys of Theros receive a hefty 40% discount as well as the buy two, get one free offer isn't an opportunity to miss. It's a fantastic tome stuffed with cool lore and adventure ideas, so we'd definitely recommend checking it out.View Deal

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus | £50 £29.99 at Amazon US / GBP39 GBP29.23 at Amazon UK
Intrigued by the new Baldur's Gate video game?

This official D&D campaign book takes you to the titular city for 40% less than normal. Considering all the cool plotlines and additions inside, that's a steal. Then once you get to Avernus, it's basically fantasy Mad Max.

What's not to like?View Deal

Player's Handbook | £50 £27.73 at Amazon US / GBP34 GBP22.76 at Amazon UK
For those who are new to Dungeons and Dragons, the Player's Handbook is an must-buy product. It expands upon character creation, classes, and more covered in the free basic rules, and it provides a load more detail on gameplay in general. That includes everything from activities between adventures to building a settlement for you and your party.
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Dungeon Master's Guide | £50 £33.42 at Amazon US / GBP42 GBP33.59 at Amazon UK
If you're hoping to run your own games, you definitely need to pick up the Dungeon Master's Guide.

It's got everything you need to build your own world, campaigns, NPCs, dungeons, pantheons, currencies, magical items, and storylines. An utterly essential purchase, and one you won't regret.
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Monster Manual | £50 £27.49 at Amazon US / GBP39 GBP34.22 at Amazon UK
The Monster Manual is another essential buy if you're going to be running your own games - it gives you a load of cool creatures to choose from, and they range from classic undead to more unusual choices like the owlbear. It's a great place to start, particularly if you're new to Dungeons and Dragons.View Deal

Dungeons and Dragons dice sale

Polyhedral dice bundle (5 sets) with pouches | £19.99 £9.99 at Amazon
If you want enough dice to get the whole crew ready to roll, look no further.

This bundle includes five sets of seven polyhedral dice; best of all, each set has its own distinct look and included pouch, so there's no worry of mixing them up.
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Polyhedral autumn dice | £11.69 £9.35 at Amazon
If you want to go a little bit fancier with your clicky clacky random number generators, treat yourself with this beautiful set of autumnal-inspired dice. Have a click through the other color options to see what else is on sale.

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Antique iron-styled metal dice | £19.99 £11.19 at Amazon
Give your rolls some extra oomph by picking up this set of all-metal dice, with a lovely aesthetic inspired by antique iron. The standard sale price is £13.99, but make sure you click the coupon button to save even more.
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Faux-leather and velvet dice tray | £12.99 £7.99 at Amazon
Keep your dice from flying off the table when you roll them with this handy dice tray.

The sides snap together to keep your dice in, then unsnap so the tray lays down flat. They're great to keep metal dice from dinging up your table, too.
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Want more recommendations? Don't forget to check in with the best tabletop RPGs and how to play D&D online. You can also capitalize on a £15 reduction for Tasha's Cauldron of Everything pre-orders if you act now.

Naturally, Amazon Prime Day board game deals aren't the only things worth looking into.

The sales event also has a lot of other tech at massively reduced prices, including Amazon Prime Day laptop deals and Amazon Prime Day TV deals.

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