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Polar’s Vantage V2 Fitness Watch Features Great New Features

Those of you who are fans of fitness watches and anything tech, are sure to be interested in the great new features on Polar's Vantage V2 fitness watch. The watch is already proving to be popular with its unique features.

The watch has a number of unique features, focusing more on the period of time around your workout, instead of just the active time alone. This means the watch is able to see whether you're ready for another full work out, combining your long-term recovery data with your long-term training load.

This will then monitor the balance between your training and recovery, to help you recognise personal limits as to when training is too much, or just right.

The Training Load Pro feature assists you to see how your training sessions strain the different parts of your body and the watch even features the ability to test cycling and running performance, allowing you to track of your progress and personalise both your speed and power zones.

To hear about all the other fantastic features, head over to Polar's website.

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