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PS5's new UI revealed! Full features breakdown video

Sony has just released an 11 minute video that outlines PlayStation fives brand new UI that highlights some really interesting new features. And here are some of what I think are the most impressive, [BLANK_AUDIO] So while the Xbox series x UI remains nearly unchanged from last generation, Sony's PS five interface is completely retooled. Focuses on social interactivity, content capturing, expanding on parties, and even in game help.

When you resume play from standby mode, PS five will present you with a series of cards and what they're calling Control Centre, which is designed to give you quick access to different parts of the system. Like your party's downloads recently captured content, quickly joining multiplayer and other things like Game News from developers you can follow control center looks like it's gonna replace that top line of options on PS4 And can be pulled up from pretty much anywhere. It feels like the idea here is to eliminate having to back out of a game, the way ps4 sort of made you do, and instead overlay the most common options right on top of whatever you're playing.

And Control Center was definitely the focus of Sony's demo. So when he says control center will give developers the option, To provide access to game sensitive hints and walk-through videos, and even pin those videos right on top or to the side of the game you're playing, so you can follow along. The demo video also showed objective lists and estimated time remaining for those.

So theoretically, you could get a rough idea of how long you'll need to complete a certain goal. Just to be clear, Sony did reiterate that all of this stuff would need to be supported by developers for to work, but it is probably a safe bet to assume that first party Sony titles will make use of it in some capacity. There's also a brief caveat that this would be tied to a PlayStation Plus subscription and not offered on every single PS five game.

Also, interestingly enough There's room for a developer to mark certain things as spoilers so you won't accidentally see something you don't want to. And that actually can even apply to content that someone in your friends list might share with you. It sounds pretty good on paper, but obviously we'll have to see how it actually works.

Speaking of your friends, party chat requests can also be handled with a game overlay. Instead of having a bat gap. parties also sound like they're going to be much more than just chat on PS five and maybe more resembles something like you know, a mini Discord server or group text. But with obviously much more PS five centric functionality.

For example, people in your party can share their live gameplay. And then you can pin that or overlay it on top of your screen as well, all while you're keeping the chat going. I don't know about you, but that kind of functionality feels like something I wish I could be doing right now.

So it's really cool to see Sony also briefly showed off the home screen, which is where you can access a games hub. Kind of like how it works on a PS4 right now. There's also an explorer card here that looks like it will serve as a portal.

For information about new games, the titles you already have in your library and more, though Sony did say that this feature is in testing so it might not be there day one. And then they also briefly touched on PlayStation Store saying it's now baked into the system and not a separate launchable app anymore, but we did not see what that looks like at all. Finally, Sony Demoed how captured content sharing is gonna work.

And you could send media to somewhere like Twitter or to one of your parties. But the thing I was most happy to see here is voice dictation. It's gonna work through the dual senses built in microphone.

It feels like this no brainer that I think is going to be such a welcome addition. I got to say, a lot of these quality of life improvements sound like logical next steps and what a console's overall experience should feel like. Of much more as we get closer to the launch of PS five, but for now, is there another feature that you're absolutely dying for?.

Honestly, for me, I still feel like I'm juggling game updates and I really hope these new consoles finally take all of that off my plate. But we're gonna have to wait and see. That's it for me.

Stay safe everyone and as always, thanks for watching.

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