ABW Fogger Machine Disinfectant, Portable Fogging Machine, Backpack Electric Sprayer(1, S (1.1 UK Gal))

ABW Fogger Machine Disinfectant

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  • Main Technical Parameters : 1.1 UK Gal capacity , the mist diameter is between 15 and 50 microns and can be adjusted , the direct spray distance is about 19 to 26 feet , and the flexible nozzle can easily sanitize area users need .
  • The fogging machine pipes are durable and resistant to corrosion ; the atomizer head is anti cracking , shockproof and constant temperature . With The scale of solution tank and translucent tank cover is convenient for users to mix chemical accurately .
  • Don’t worry about safety, this product contains 16.4 feet power-lines,220V UK plug,variable frequency motor, adjustable head and noise level ,users can save the chemical with this atomizer .
  • Use easy : With one key switch operation, shoulder strap , this product is portable for use. The large bottle cover ensures that you can fill chemical easily .
  • The sprayer has wide applied fields and can be used for sanitation and epidemic prevention in hospital, restaurant , schools , hotel , families and other public places . It also can be used in hen-house, sheepfold, cowshed, hogpen and so on ; it is an ideal electric sprayer with reliable performance and convenient use .

Product Description

Opera Steps

Steps 1:

  1. Twist off the lid
  2. Fill with the disinfectant we need to use
  3. Taking care not to wet the plug

Steps 2:

  1. Observe if the plug is wet, if it is, wipe it clean before into socket
  2. Turn on the power

Steps 3:

  1. Show red light is working
  2. The green button is the reset button,if there is leakage,it will automatically reset

Steps 4:

  1. Turn on the switch
  2. Open the valve
  3. Do not open the valve and then turn on the switch

Steps to shut down the machine

Close the valve

When switching off the machine after use, the valve must first be closed.

Power off

After closing the valve, wait 10-15 seconds for all the liquid in the pipe to spray out before turning off the power.


Failure to follow the steps to

switch off the machine will result

in damage to the machine!

Motor PowerTank CapacitySprayer VolumeDistanceNet WeightAtomization
6-8 Metter5-6 Metter5-6 Metter
0-50 Micorn0-50 Micorn0-50 Micorn
Package List

1 × Fogger Machine

1 × Shoulder Straps

1 × User's Guide


1.Wear protective clothing when using.

2.After use,please clean the residual solution with the clean water,and turn on to spray all to avoid the spray nozzle blocked and eroded.


  • Power Supply: AC220V/50HZ
  • Tank Capacity: 5L
  • Sprayer Volume: 470ml/min(adjustable)
  • Droplet Size: 10-150μm
  • Effective range: 6-8 m
  • Product Weight: 4kg
Dimensions: 49.2 x 30.2 x 26.2 cm; 3.79 Kilograms
Manufacture: ABW

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