All Seasons Gazebos 3M x 6M Waterproof Gazebo Party Tent with Rustproof Frame and Wheeled Carry Bag (Beige)

All Seasons Gazebos 3M x 6M Waterproof Gazebo Party Tent with Rustproof Frame and Wheeled Carry Bag (Beige)

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About this item

  • FULLY WATERPROOF DESIGN boasts a 260g/sqm PVC coated polyester roof; and 210D PU coated side panels. This sturdy gazebo can be used without side panels as a beach cabana or picnic shelter.
  • RUSTPROOF STEEL powder-coated frame sets up in 2 minutes with 24 wind-resistant support struts. Protect party-goers and clients from inclement weather at a moment’s notice with this pop-up gazebo.
  • ALL-TERRAIN party tent is ideal for grass, sand and decking with leg weight bags, pegs and guy ropes. This versatile gazebo accommodates trade shows, craft fairs, weddings and picnics.
  • ZIP-TOGETHER side panels seal out rain. Windows and a roll-up door offer visibility and easy entry.
  • WHEELED CARRY BAG promotes full portability and protects your gazebo during transport and storage. With this convenient shelter in your car, you’re prepared anytime the sky looks ominous.

Product description

Colour Name:Beige

Be prepared for any contingency

Whether you need shelter from the sun’s unrelenting rays or want to attract more pedestrian traffic at street fairs or charity drives, the AllSeasonsGazebos Gazebo Tent has you covered. This roomy 3M x 6M party tent accommodates garden tables, folding chairs and cooler boxes so guests or clients can enjoy the great outdoors comfortably, even when the forecast calls for rain.

Durable and easy to set up

This rugged gazebo starts with a rustproof, powder-coated steel frame that has 24 support struts in the roof. The 260g PVC coated polyester roof and 210D PU coated side panels completely repel rain and block winds, interlocking with full-length zippers. Integrated church-style side windows and a full-size door panel that can roll up allows monitoring of weather or activities as well as easy entry and exit. We include pegs, weight bags and guy ropes to secure the gazebo on tarmac, grass, sand and most other surfaces. Available in 17 fashionable colours and sporting a handy wheeled carry case, the AllSeasonsGazebos Gazebo delivers all-weather protection wherever you go.

Quality you can count on

We insist on the highest quality craftsmanship to bring you this resilient Gazebo Tent. We confidently offer a 1-Year Frame Parts Warranty for your peace of mind.

Don’t let Mother Nature dampen the fun at your outdoor event. Add the AllSeasonsGazebos Waterproof Gazebo to your basket today.

Dimensions: 157 x 32 x 19 cm; 35 Kilograms
Manufacture: All Seasons Gazebos

From the manufacturer

3x6m Dimensions

No assembly needed. Simple " pop up " design

No assembly needed, installation of this pop up gazebo is very simple, it has no poles to click into place, just pull the legs out, put the roof cover over the frame (first time only, roof can be left on for future uses) raise the legs to the desired height then lock them into place, it really couldn't be any simpler and takes a minute or 2 to fully erect.

You can use the gazebo on its own with no side walls or you can use it with just the 1,2,3 or all 4.

The gazebo has 3 Height settings. The image shows all the dimensions you need to know for this 3x6m pop up gazebo which are 3.2m to the peak of the roof, 1.95m around the edge of the roof and minimum of 2.05m head clearance inside. This is when the gazebo is at the max height setting.

4 Fully Waterproof Side Walls Included – 2 Window , 1 Door and 1 Plain

Side walls interlock with Zips

close up on doors

Secure Shelter


Sides interlock using Zips

The gazebo comes with 4 Fully waterproof standard side walls.

Zip up Door

The sides connect to the roof using a strip of Velcro that runs around the top of the roof and the top of the side walls.

They then interlock with each other using zips that run down the full length of each side wall.

There is also Velcro straps to tighten the sides to the legs creating a 100% secure and waterproof shelter.

Fully Enclosed, 100% Waterproof Structure

You can move the legs in or out slightly to get the exact tension of the walls you need.

It really is the perfect waterproof gazebo.

Also included are a carry bag with wheels, 4 leg weight bags, guide rope and tent pegs

Side Walls

You can use as little or as many side walls as you need

Our Standard package compared to our superior package. What is the difference?

3x6 Pop up Gazebo

3x6 Standard Package

3x6 Superior

3x6 Standard

Pop up Gazebo

Whether you purchase a pop up gazebo on its own , a standard package or our premium superior package the main gazebo is the same quality.

The only difference is the following:

Pop up Gazebo – This is just the gazebo on its own and no side panels

Pop up gazebo standard Package – This is our heavy duty pop up gazebo and 4 standard side walls. These side walls are of a lesser grade material

Pop up gazebo superior package – This is our heavy duty pop up gazebo and 4 premium side walls. These side walls are made from the same high grade material as the roof and we cant recommend these high enough.

Standard package details

On top of the heavy duty gazebo when you purchase a standard package you also get 4 sidewalls.

These consist of 2 window sides, 1 door and 1 plain side wall.

These sides are fully waterproof. They connect to the roof using full strips of velcro that go around the inside of the gazebo roof and at the top of the side walls. These then interlock to each other using zips. There are also velcro tabs that connect to each leg creating a secure shelter and 100% waterproof structure

Superior Package details

If you purchase a superior package then on top of the Pop up gazebo like the standard package you also get 4 side walls. These also consist of 2 window sides, 1 door and 1 plain side.

The big difference with the superior sides are the material they are made from.

Thes superior side walls are made from the exact same quality as the heavy duty roof which is 260 /m2. These side walls are also pvc coated like the roof.

We strongly advise the superior side walls as whilst in the pictures they do look similar there is a big difference in quality. In addition superior side walls come with a carry bag for the sides and extra tent pegs for the eyelets that are in the superior side walls

This Listing

Please remember this listing is for the standard package. At the bottom of this listing there is a comparison chart where you can view our Pop up , Standard and superior package comparison chart

You can click on any of the superior listings to see the full spec and pictures of the superior package

The Standard package is still a good quality product but as the manufactures of this product we strongly advise the superior packages with the heavyweight sides

Key features of the gazebo

Support Struts

Waterproof Roof

Pressure Points

Roof Can be left on

Built in support struts within the roof

The frame has many support struts within the structure making it a very stable.

You will see with a lot of the budget gazebos on the market where wind bars are needed, however due to the support struts within our pop up gazebo structure these are simply not needed and make our frame a lot stronger.

The amount of premium Steel in our frames is also higher than most budget options that may look similar in photos but, are vastly different.

Fully waterproof PVC coated roof

The roofs on all our gazebos are fully waterproof, PVC coated and will not let any water in whatsoever.

The stitching is taped, and heat sealed so no water can get through the stitching

Spare Roofs are always available so whether you just want a change of colour or fancy a brand-new canopy for the new season these will always be available individually and are fully interchangeable

Despite what some other manufacturers claim the PVC coated roof is designed to last and not inferior by any means to PU coated roofs. In Fact, we have tried both in our design process and decided PVC coated with the high-grade roof materials is a perfect 100% waterproof roof and will last.

Reinforced pressure points on the roof

The pressure points of our canopy are all reinforced.

There is extra stress caused on the corners of the fabric as well as at the top of the roof.

To make our roof more durable and longer lasting these are all reinforced with extra fabric

The gazebo can be used on many surfaces such as grass, sand, concrete, patios etc.

However always use the leg weights supplied and the guy rope and tent pegs where possible

1 peg is supplied for each leg and 1 peg for each of the 4 pieces of guy rope that goes on each corner making a total of 8 pegs

Roof Can be left on when the Gazebo is stored or transported

Once you have initially put the roof on the frame there is no need to remove it again.

It can be stored with the roof still on and when you want to put the gazebo up all you do is literally put the legs out and click them into place for instant shelter

Gazebo can also be put in the storage bag with the roof on

Approx. length of the packed down gazebo is 150cm

3x6 pop up Standard Package Superior package
3x6m Pop up gazebo 3x6m Pop up gazebo and 4 standard side walls ( This listing ) 3x6m Pop up gazebo and 4 superior side walls
Size 3x6m 3x6m 3x6m
Roof Material 260g / m2 260g / m2 260g / m2
Frame Material 100% Metal 100% Metal 100% Metal
Accessories Included Carry bag with wheels, leg weight bags, rope and pegs Carry bag with wheels, leg weight bags, rope and pegs with 4 standard side walls Carry bag with wheels, leg weight bags, rope and pegs with 4 Superior side walls as well as extra pegs and carry bag for the side walls
Total approx weight 40 Kgs 45 Kgs 50 Kgs
Fully waterproof
Choice of Colours
Side Wall material No Side walls Standard 210D Superior 260g / m2

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