AOKEY Dehumidifier 1000ml Portable Mini Electric Dehumidifier Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner for Home, Reduce the Humidity in the Kitchen, Garage, Wardrobe, Basement

AOKEY Dehumidifier 1000ml Portable Mini Electric Dehumidifier Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner for Home

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  • 【The Best Dehumidifier for Christmas Gifts】— This water tank with a dehumidifier volume of up to 1000 ml can remove up to 450 ml of water per day at 30 ° C and 80% relative humidity. A dehumidifier can reduce the humidity in the air and eliminate the living environment of bacteria. Create a safe living environment for families with low immunity at home. The light can be adjusted by buttons, which are flashing, static, and off.
  • 【LOW ENERGY AND QUIET OPERATION】— The thermoelectric Peltier technology (no compressor required) enables whisper-quiet, environmentally friendly operation. Approx. <35dB is generated during operation, so you can operate it day and night without loud or annoying noises. The device consumes only 22.5W in operation. So the dehumidifier can work for 24 hours and will not worry you.
  • 【AUTOMATIC SWITCH OFF FUNCTION】— The dehumidifier switches off automatically when the water volume reaches 700-800 ml to protect against the risk of overflow. The red atmosphere light stays on. Simply empty the water tank with the user-friendly outlet and put it back in the dehumidifier. The artificial intelligence design allows you to prevent the water tank from overflowing.
  • 【EASY TO CARRY AND OPERATE】— The one-touch switch makes the device easy to operate. A removable water tank makes it easy to dispense water. The built-in handle allows it to be moved and carried. Automatically turn to 7 color gradients or fix on one color light, simply lock the desired color or switch off. So you can use the dehumidifier anywhere, in the office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.
  • Please place the product at least 0.5 meters from the wall to maximize the effectiveness of dehumidifier. The dehumidifier works best at room temperature of 20-30 ° C and relative humidity of 80%. If the air temperature is below 8 ° C, the effect of dehumidification is not apparent. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time to help you solve them.
Dimensions: 29.3 x 15.7 x 15.4 cm; 1.26 Kilograms
Batteries Required: No

Product Description


How to help you through the rainy and humid season?

Refuse to be wet

  • Too much humidity in the house can cause damage to body joints and sleep disorders. Many viruses are suitable for living in a certain humid environment, so we need to refuse moisture.
  • Too much humidity in the room will make the furniture grow moldy and the walls will grow moldy, so rejecting dampness also rejects moldy houses.

AOKEY dehumidifier helps you through the humid season

  • With a 1000ml large water tank, the average daily dehumidification can reach 400ml, the volume is small and does not occupy the room area so that the bedroom has a comfortable sleeping environment
  • AOKEY dehumidifier is equipped with colorful flashing LED lights, which emits a better light when the machine is dehumidifying.
  • Quiet and no noise. Let the living environment continue to change, remove the humid air bit by bit, make the home healthier, and make the family's living environment better.
  • AOKEY dehumidifier can be used not only in the bedroom, but also in the office, living room, kitchen, etc. It is recommended to use it in a space of 20m², so that the effect will be more obvious.


AOKEY dehumidifier is the best gift as a family gift

  • If there are old people and children in the family, it is recommended to give them the AOKEY dehumidifier as a gift to protect the living environment of the house so that the family can live in a safer environment.
  • AOKEY dehumidifier can also be given to friends. Let friends enjoy the home in winter, prevent the invasion of moisture, so that everyone can be happy at home

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