Greenworks Tools G40B2 Battery

Greenworks Tools G40B2 Battery

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About this item

  • POWERFUL LITHIUM ION BATTERY: Ideal for our cordless machines that require more power and longer runtime such as Greenworks Tools lawnmowers, pressure washers and chainsaws
  • WIRELESS FREEDOM: Don’t let the tangled cables stop you and be ready for use at any time – the battery management system ensures more safety and longevity of your Greenworks battery
  • FEATURES: The battery has an LED display for immediate information about the current charge level and can be charged at any time regardless of the current charge voltage without memory effect
  • COMPACT DESIGN: The battery 40 V convinces with its robust housing and maximum comfort at the same time – the integrated deep discharge protection extends the battery life significantly
  • ONE BATTERY FOR ALL: Due to the Inhouse Battery Technology from Greenworks, batteries and devices are perfectly matched for maximum performance – with extended manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years

Product description

Style Name:40V 2Ah Battery

Product Description

One battery for all:

The Greenworks 40 V battery for more power and longer runtime.

The 40 V battery, equipped with lithium-ion cells, ensures maximum power and minimum noise when working in the garden.

For more safety and durability, the Greenworks battery is protected against damage by a robust housing and the battery management system offers you maximum safety.

In addition, the battery is equipped with a multi-stage LED display that provides immediate information about the current charge level. An integrated deep discharge protection extends the service life considerably.
In addition, there is no danger of the memory effect and the battery can therefore be charged at any time regardless of the current charging voltage.

With the battery system from Greenworks you save money, because now you only need one battery system for all your gardening tools – in addition to the flexibility and independence with battery-powered tools, you benefit from further advantages: less vibration ; less noise ; no smell ; low tool weight.

The Greenworks tool is not a battery set, so it comes without a charger. Greenworks Tools offer the suitable charger in their assortment.

Fast charging: The Greenworks 40 V battery 2 Ah is fully (100 Percent) charged in under 60 minutes. An integrated deep discharge protection ensures that your battery switches off at 20 Percent residual voltage to preserve the longevity of the device.
The complete Greenworks battery can be stored for a long period of time without losing all its power, so you can start gardening immediately.

Technical data at a glance: Designation: G40B2 ; Packaging dimensions: 16.5 x 8.5 x 6 cm ; System: Lithium-ion battery ; Charging time (100 Percent): 2.2A 60 min, 4 A 120 min ; Weight: 0.499 kg ; Colour: Green.

Box Contains

1 x pcs 40V 2Ah battery

Weight: 500 g
Dimensions: 16.5 x 8.5 x 6 cm; 500 Grams
Brand: Greenworks Tools
Colour: Green
Colour: Green

From the manufacturer


40 Volt 2.0Ah battery

The Greenworks 40 volt product range consists of powerful lithium-ion batteries that offer more power, longer runtimes, higher speeds, more efficiency and less noise. So that you can carry out your work in maximum comfort. Your neighbors will no longer complain about annoying noise. Our 2.0Ah batteries are specially designed to give you ease of use while offering maximum comfort and versatility. And with a range of functions that support you in your gardening work with intelligent and simple solutions.

The powerful battery with no self-discharge tells you its charge status at a glance with 4 LED lights. So you can see immediately when you can start again.

By the way, our rechargeable lithium-ion batteries without self-discharge are not only good for the environment but also for your wallet: Greenworks 40V batteries can be used for every 40V Greenworks tool, whether in the workshop or in the garden. No matter which 40V tool from Greenworks, the battery can be attached quickly and easily.

Technical data

  • Voltage 40V
  • Power 2.0Ah
  • 80 Wh
  • 0,84 kg weight





One for all!

Our powerful Greenworks 40V battery is a real all-rounder: Use the battery for a variety of devices. Whether workshop or garden, the 2.0Ah battery is the ideal drive for all your tools. More overview and order in your garage with a battery that can be used in many ways.

No more wasted time

So that you know exactly when you can continue with your gardening work, a practical LED display shows you the charging status of the battery. No more wasting time guessing whether the battery is charged. One look is enough to tell when the battery is ready for use again at full power.

The charger for full power

The powerful charger is compatible with all 40V batteries from Greenworks. Choose the simple and efficient solution with the G40C and put an end to a cluttered jungle of equipment. One battery, endless possibilities.

Full power for garden work

With the 40V Greenworks battery you have a powerful partner at your side. Whether for the lawn mower, hedge trimmer or leaf blower – thanks to the powerful battery, you always have full power ahead! Enjoy efficient gardening without tangled cables or dangerous stumbling blocks.

One for all

The 5 most important advantages of 40V batteries

1. Powerful performance without noise, smells, vibration or pollution

2. Ready to use immediately, even after long storage.

3. Never buy petrol and refuel again.

4. No maintenance required, as no spark plug, oil or air filter.

5. Cordless, therefore no cable tangle and no tripping hazard.

One battery for all 40V devices from Greenworks Tools

Compatible with a wide range of products for workshop and garden

Greenworks lithium-ion batteries deliver full power when used with Greenworks Tools. You can use the battery for all your 40V devices, whether for garden or workshop. So you not only protect the environment, but also your wallet. Both 2Ah and 4Ah batteries can be released quickly into the handle of each piece of machinery. Greenworks has been developing batteries and motors together since the beginning and through their experience ensure you get the best results.

Package contents:

  • 1 40V Greenworks G40B2 battery
  • 1 instruction manual

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