The best computer camera covers

Taking control of the camera in a laptop is easier than you think. If you normally connect at public WiFi networks, you might be at higher risk of being a victim of hacking or ransomware being installed in your machine. Make sure you are establishing string security protocols, change your passwords periodically, and use cover your camera with one of our suggestions.

CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide

Best Overall

The CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide is a great and subtle way to protect your privacy.

The excellent design is stylish and effective. It is compatible with a wide number of Apple products and other devices. It does not cover your indicator light, allowing you to tell if your camera is active or not.

EYSOFT Webcam Cover

Best Value Pack

If you have several devices and want to outfit them all, the EYSOFT Webcam Cover comes in a convenient ready-to-use 5-pack.

This cover can be opened or closed with a single finger and comes with included adhesive for easy installation. The design is thin and does not interfere with your laptop closing, like other thicker options.

COOLOO Webcam Cover

Best Value

Upgrade the security of several devices at once with the COOLOO Webcam Cover, an amazing budget option that includes six sliding camera covers. The ultra-thin design and super sturdy adhesive make this option one of the most popular out there.

The most budget-friendly way to protect yourself from hackers and mistakenly leaving your camera on.

Bring peace of mind to your online communications and rest assured there is no way your camera can expose you with this curated selection of the best camera covers available.

Block any possibility of hacking with this simple yet effective device.

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