Ledlenser M7R Rechargeable Multi-Function LED Torch – 400 Lumens – 280m Beam Range – Floating Charge System (Black) – Hard Case, 8407R

Ledlenser M7R Rechargeable Multi-Function LED Torch - 400 Lumens - 280m Beam Range - Floating Charge System (Black) - Hard Case

SALE PRICE: £88.00

  • Powerful 400 lumens with a 280m beam range
  • Advanced spot to flood focus system offering long range or wide spread floodlight
  • Robust, compact – Ideal alternative to big searchlights
  • Energy efficient CREE power+ LED light chip
  • 40hrs continuous runtime on low power with a 100m beam
  • Smart light technology. Micro-chip controlled multi-option technology with two energy usage modes, three pre-set light programs utilising eight light options (Morse, dim, boost, power, low power, blink, SOS, defence strobe)
  • Supplied with : Hard Case, Mains Charger, USB cable, Wall Mount, Wrist-strap, 360° Belt Clip and Rechargeable Battery (1xL-ion 3. 7v)
  • 360° belt clip enables hands-free directional illumination
  • Floating charge System – Effortless contact recharging
  • 7 year with Registration

Product description

Product Description

This handsome multi-function torch has up to 8 micro-chip controlled light options and an intelligent, recharge capability. Made from German-engineered anodised aluminium for durable, long-term use, it features internal gold-plated contacts for corrosion-resistance and superior conductivity. Using the patented Advanced Focus System it projects universally consistent light from flood to spot, with single-handed Speed Focus to quickly zoom between them. Comprehensive Smart Light Technology offers the user two Energy Modes to regulate power usage and eight Light Options: Power; Low Power; Blink; Boost; Dim; Defence Strobe; Morse and SOS – across three pre-set Light Programmes. Inside the M7R a formidable new-generation CREE LED sends intense white light up to 280 metres at a maximum 400 lumens and 40 hours burn time. With its wide-angle reflector lens it will project high-intensity white light across an exceptionally broad area. The rechargeable nature of this torch eliminates the need for disposable batteries and thus helps make it that little bit more sustainable and easier on the planet. It uses a single rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and Low Battery Message System to indicate when charging is necessary. The ‘stow-and-go’ Floating Charge System, one of the most effective contact chargers in the world, conveniently allows the battery to be charged without removing it from the housing. The M7R torch is supplied in a hard case for protective storage that also contains a rechargeable battery, mains charger, USB cable, wall-mount, wrist strap and 360° belt clip. As a leading international brand of hand-held torches and head lamps, Led lenser is renowned for superior German engineering, outstanding performance, and state-of-the art technologies, such as the patented Advanced Focus System and Smart Light Technology. Constantly driving innovation to provide class- leading lighting instruments, is the brand of choice for professional tradesmen, emergency services personnel, search & rescue teams and serious outdoor enthusiasts. hand torches and head lamps deliver breath-taking, bright homogenous white light, that turns night into day and simply has to be seen to be believed. Using only the finest materials, such as energy-efficient CREE LED light chips, aircraft-grade aluminium and gold-plated contacts, they are renowned for quality and have a reputation for reliability second to none.

Box Contains

1 x LED Lenser LED 8307-R M7R Multi Fun R/C Torch Black Hard Case

SKU: B004187730
Weight: 32 g
Size: M7R
Dimensions: 15.3 x 3.7 x 3.7 cm; 32 Grams
Model: 8307R
Part: 8307R
Colour: Black
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Yes
Batteries Included: Lithium Ion
Manufacture: LED Lenser
Colour: Black
Quantity: 1
Size: M7R

From the manufacturer

ledlenser montage

Ledlenser M7R Rechargeable Multi-function LED Torch

Lumens: MAX 400 – MIN 40

Beam Distance: MAX 280 – MIN 100 meters

Run Time: MAX 40 – MIN 4 hours

why ledlenser

ledlenser optimised lumen advanteage

ledlenser patented advanced focusing optics

Ledlenser Peace of Mind

Why Ledlenser?

Because we never stop pushing the boundaries to perfect a light that will simply take your breath away. A light that keeps you safe by illuminating the darkest of corners at work or helps you to extend the day, so you can enjoy your passions and hobbies for longer. Whether lighting up the deepest of tunnels or for simply taking the dog for a walk, a Ledlenser light is the trusted companion of millions around the world.

Ledlenser Optimised Lumen Advantage

Many have tried to emulate this standout technology which is featured in most of our torches and headlamps, and many have failed. Our patented optics technology enables the user to seamlessly and instantaneously alter the light beam from flood (for near illumination) to spot (for distance illumination) whilst still delivering a clean uniform light with no dark spots.

Ledlenser Patented Advanced Focusing Optics (Spot / Flood)

Lumens is one measure of brightness. However, not all lumens are created equal! We believe Ledlenser lumens are in most cases superior because they combine with our world-renowned precision German engineering and patented Advanced Focusing Optics to optimise the light delivered. Thus, in many cases a lower lumen Ledlenser light will deliver a brighter beam than other lights stating a higher lumen count.

Ledlenser Peace of Mind

Ledlenser is one of the world leaders in LED portable lighting. Whether working on a railway line, searching for a missing person up a mountain or accompanying you on an early morning run, it’s important to have a reliable light by your side. Ledlenser delivers outstanding reliabilty due to the premium materials used and the precision German engineering that ensure all components harmoniously deliver the very best light possible.