DMT W8FCNB 8-Inch DuoSharp Bench Stone Fine / Coarse

DMT W8FCNB 8-Inch DuoSharp Bench Stone Fine / Coarse

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About this item

  • Easy counter or bench use with larger, wider diamond surface for sharpening a variety of knives and edges
  • Two sided bench stone with coarse diamond to transform a dull edge and fine diamond for a razor sharp edge
  • Sharpens knives faster than conventional stones with DMT micronized monocrystalline diamond surface
  • No oil is needed-sharpen dry or with water
  • Durable construction will provide years of performance and reliable service

Product description

Style Name:Fine / Coarse

Product Description

D.m.t. double sided dia whetstone 8in fin/coa

A Double sided diamond whetstone.

The Red side is suitable for all woodworking tools, carbide tooling, router bits, 3D bits etc.
The Blue side is suitable for all general carpentry, tin snips, wood flat bits, augers, garden edge tools etc.

Colour. Red/Blue. Fine/Coarse.
Size. 203 x 67mm.

Manufacturer’s Description

Innovative, multi-patented DuoSharp® Bench Stone is a precision-flat, two-diamond surfaced sharpener guaranteed to provide consistent, even sharpening every time. 8″ DuoSharp® Bench Stone with non-skid mat, an excellent counter and bench sharpener, with a larger, wider diamond surface for sharpening a variety of edges. Fine diamond (25 micron / 600 mesh) for a razor sharp edge. Coarse diamond (45 micron / 325 mesh) to quickly restore a neglected edge. Sharpening with diamonds is fast and easy. No messy oils needed – sharpen dry or with water. Durable construction will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service. For proper tool maintenance, Woodworkers, Chefs and other professionals, rely on the superior quality and versatility of DMT® products. Made in USA.

Box Contains

  • DuoSharp® Bench Stone
  • Non-skid Mat
  • Brochure
  • Instructions

    SKU: B00004WFUC
    Weight: 249 g
    Dimensions: 33.66 x 11.43 x 9.53 cm; 249.48 Grams
    Model: W8FCNB
    Part: W8FCNB
    Colour: Transparent
    Pack Quantity: 1
    Batteries Required: No
    Batteries Included: No
    Manufacture: DMT
    Colour: Transparent
    Quantity: 1

    From the manufacturer

    The DMT Difference

    Since 1976, DMT has been in business to do just one thing: make the world’s best diamond sharpeners. Product innovations such as our signature polka-dot interrupted surface, and others with our continuous surface of high-performance diamond, are praised worldwide for their superior quality.

    From pocket-sized whetstones to heavy-duty bench stones, the difference arrives time and again through our undivided pursuit of sharpening excellence.

    For DMT products, no oil or pressure must be used to sharpen the tool or knife.

    Quality must be manufactured, not fabricated

    Diamond Coverage differs widely from one manufacturer to the next. For long-lasting performance, DMT makes certain that each sharpening surface carries the most diamonds per square inch in the industry.

    Diamond Uniformity is also key to sharpener performance. DMT uses a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size. The result is a micronised monocrystalline diamond that covers evenly across the sharpening surface to prove effective with every use, year after year.

    Beware of imitators!

    Surface Flatness can mean the difference between a well-honed tool and one that is barely serviceable. Flat surfaces maintain consistent, even contact with the edge to produce a bevel that carries the same degree of sharpness from end to end. DMT sharpeners are engineered to be the flattest on the market, and built to outlast other products, which are variable in surface, and often warped, hollowed or grooved.

    DMT Benefits

    • The most diamonds per square inch in the industry
    • Near-perfect consistency in grit size
    • The DMT sharpener produces a clean, razor-sharp edge
    • Best Surface Flatness

    DMT – Applications

    Home and Culinary

    DMT Diamond Sharpeners will quickly sharpen the hardest stainless steel kitchen cutlery while removing a minimum of material from the blade, unlike electric sharpeners.

    Whether you have a Chef's knife, a Sashimi Knife, Ceramic knife or even a steep angled meat cleaver, DMT kitchen knife sharpeners can do it all.

    Gardening and Landscaping

    Hone pruners, knives, loppers, edgers, axes, shears – even lawnmower blades. DMT sharpeners enable gardeners of all skill levels to keep all of their gardening and landscaping tools in top condition.

    With a sharp edge, garden and landscaping tools produce smooth, clean cuts that are better for plants.

    Outdoor Sports and Tactical

    Outdoor Enthusiasts worldwide prefer the award winning DMT products to care for their edges.

    They withstand harsh environments and sharpen all kinds of knives, tools and edged equipment that hunters, hikers, rock climbers, adventurers, campers and sportsman rely on to survive and enjoy the outdoors.


    Sharp tools make every job easier. Unleash your creativity with woodworking tool sharpeners and chisel sharpeners that work with you, not against you.

    Our woodworking tool sharpeners are valued by woodworkers who want effective, precise sharpening for all of their tools.

    DMT – Product line

    DuoSharp and Dia-Sharp

    The first rule of shop maintenance is sharpen your tools. DMT Diamond Whetstones, DuoSharp Bench Stones and Dia-Sharp Bench Stones, are renowned by woodworkers and others for their remarkable sharpening speed, precision flatness and ease of use.

    Diafold and Mini-Sharp

    The lightweight DMT Diafold and Mini-Sharp sharpeners are easy to use. The compact models are ideal for on the way. During transport, the handle is used as a protective cover for the diamond surfaces.

    Guided Sharpening

    The DMT grinding systems enable a professional edge care, regardless of the manual skill. Both novice and professional will enjoy precise, professional, consistent sharpening results.

    Diamond Steel

    DMT Diamond Steel Sharpeners combine high performance diamond and ceramic sharpening surfaces with the realigning and convenience of traditional steels for sharper results! DMT sharpening steels truly sharpen- not just hone.

    DMT DuoSharp plus Bench Stone with Base DMT Diamond Whetstone Models in Hard Wood Box DMT Diafold Double Sided Diafold Sharpener DMT Aligner Pro Kit Diamond Sharpener DMT Diamond Steel Sharpening Rod DMT Dia-Sharp Bench Stone
    Innovative, precision flat two grit diamond sharpener featuring both interrupted and continuous diamond sharpening. A hardwood box of 3- 6 inches Diamond Whetstone sharpeners makes a perfect gift. Dual purpose with compact convenience, the Double Sided Diafold Sharpener offers two 4 inches x 1 inches Diamond Whetstone surfaces in one light-weight, portable sharpener. For professional sharpening results, regardless of skill, depend on DMT Aligner Kits and Accessories. Fast honing diamond surface with the realigning function and convenience of traditional butcher's steel. DMT's precisely engineered Dia-Sharp Bench Stone with continuous diamond surface assures consistent, even sharpening every time.
    Related Applications: Knifes, scissors, tools AND featuring a continuous zone for small and pointed tools Related Applications: Woodworking, home, culinary, hunting, and more Related Applications: Home, camping, toolbox, pavilion and more Related Applications: Handworked, culinary and outdoor sports. Related Applications: Chef knife, carving knife, fillet knife, paring knife, bread knife, skinning knife Related Applications: Woodworking and culinary.
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    No oil is needed – sharpen dry or with water. No oil is needed – sharpen dry or with water. No oil is needed – sharpen dry or with water. No oil is needed – sharpen dry or with water. No oil is needed – sharpen dry or with water. No oil is needed – sharpen dry or with water.