Vogvigo 7L Electric ULV Sprayer,Portable Ultra-Low Atomizer Disinfection Sprayer with Carrying Strap for Indoor,Outdoor,Office Hotel,School,Hospitals,Home

Vogvigo 7L Electric ULV Sprayer

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  • 【Flexible hose】The sprayer is equipped with an extended coiled hose, which can perfectly achieve ULV atomization. Easily extend the hose to your head to reach the plants and garden area.
  • 【High-quality, super-large capacity】 7L large-capacity ultra-light electric sprayer, using high-density pp material, chemical liquid pipeline made of silicone resin, long motor life, no aging, intelligent board control, protect the motor. Low noise and waterproof switch.
  • 【Extra Large Atomization】Spray 20-26 feet of chemical substance/liquid to maximize atomization. The adjustable screw allows you to easily change the flow rate of the fog machine used halfway. Its average particle size is 20-50 microns, which is an ideal atomizer for ULV spraying requirements.
  • 【Scope of application】 Fumigation of hotels, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and houses; disinfection; disinfection of hospitals, schools, theaters, cars, trains and other public places.
  • 【Note】The motor will become hot during use. This is a normal phenomenon and not a product defect. Before use, please read the yellow warning notice on the product. All items are tested before leaving the factory. If there is water in the container, this is normal.
Dimensions: 55.4 x 33.8 x 25 cm; 3.68 Kilograms
Manufacture: Vogvigo

Product Description



1. It can finish spraying a bucket of water with 8 minutes, and it is more effective and time-saving than manual sprayer

2. The backpack sprayer is with electric water pump powered by maintenance-free lead-acid storage battery for easy use

3. High efficiency electric sprayer perfect for Disinfection agriculture, gardening and planting



1. Close the throttle valve, unplug the power plug, and press the switch to the O (OFF) position. Unscrew the medicine box cover, add the medicine solution with a volume of less than 7 liters, and tighten the medicine box cover according to the required ratio.

2. Insert the power socket, unscrew the throttle valve to an appropriate position.Lift the machine and hold the spray head, and press the switch to the I (ON) position. The machine will be controlled automatically by the smart board and started slowly, spraying a mist.Press the switch to O (OFF) position,it will automatically shut down and the work is completed.

3. Rotate the throttle valve to adjust the size of the mist particles and the spray volume. Rotate the throttle counterclockwise to increase the amount of mist and the size of the mist particles. Turn the throttle clockwise to reduce the amount


  • Spraying distance: 6m-8m
  • Voltage: AC 110V
  • Power: 600-1000W
  • Capacity: 7L
  • Fog particles: 0-50 microns (ADJUSTABLE)
  • Power cord length: 6m
  • Spraying speed: 400ml / min (ADJUSTABLE)
  • Size: 48×22.5x26cm






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7L Electric ULV Sprayer 4.5L Electric ULV Sprayer
Voltage: 110V 220V
Capacity: 7L 4.5L
Size: 48×22.5×26 cm 43x26x43 cm
Spray distance: 6-8 m 5-10 m