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Automatic Garden Water Timer, Irrigation Timer, 3 Separate Flexible Irrigation Programs, IP65 Waterproof, Anti-Leakage, Manual Control and Child Lock, Rain Delay

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About this item

  • 【Advanced Hardware】The top connector is 3/4″ universal thread and matches most hose faucets. Tested with 10kg water pressure,This Garden Irrigation System Controller is made of 30% reinforced nylon material, which is more durable than ordinary ABS material.The waterproof battery case design makes it longer life. The exterior and interior are specially designed for leaking prevention. Its protection grade reaches IP65 and effectively guarantees the superior waterproof and dust-proof properties
  • 【3 Separate Programs & Flexble Irrigation Programming】 The Automatic Water Timer can be set flexibly according to your different needs. The watering timer allows a wider range of running times and intervals. The watering time for each group is 1min to 23h, and the irrigation interval is 1h to 23h,1day to 25 day,weeks. You can set one / two / three sets of timing programs according to your needs,which can make your watering schedule fully customizable
  • 【Rain Delay Function & Child Lock 】Manual rain delay function is accessible to save water in rain days. You can water the plants immediately in manual mode without interrupting the watering plan in aut.The child lock mode helps the sprinkler timer prevent accidental triggering or wasting water
  • 【Large Screen & Long Working Time】Large LCD display accounts for over 60% of the panel to make The dial button operation makes the programming easier and fool-proof without much steps required. The screen will auto off in 30s of no button operation to extend battery (not included) life,serves the watering for more than 6 months usually
  • 【What’s the Difference】Anti-UV material case, and the Automatic Garden Water Timer will not be deformed, aging, or cracked when used outdoors for a long time.The solenoid valve of watering timer adopts new air-sealed components Life is up to 30W times, strong anti-interference ability.Built-in metal filter in the top tap connector can effectively filter out stone, gravel, sediment and other larger particles, making the entering water cleaner
Weight: 480 g
Dimensions: 11.7 x 13.5 x 5.6 cm; 480 Grams
Brand: LeaderPro
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

Product Description

Water Timer

LeaderPro Programmable Water Timer


This automatic irrigation timer can be used for watering lawns, flowers, plants and pots in gardens, vegetable gardens, patios, etc. It’s also applicable in sprinkling and drip irrigation systems, rain buckets, pet water feeding, etc.


Separate Programs:3

Working water pressure: 145psi / 10bar

Frequency: 1- 23h,1-25 day,week

Watering Duration: 1-59min,1-23h

Rain Delay:Manual

Top Connector:30% Reinforced nylon

Power supply: 2XAA Alkaline battery ( not included ),more than 6 months

Waterproof Battery Case:Yes

Mesh Filter:Stainless Steel

Built-in child lock function:Yes

Package Content:

1x Automatic Water Timer ( battery not included )

1x filter with rubber ring

1 x 1/2" connector & 1×3/4" connector

1 x tape

1 x installation guide.

Irrigation Controller Installation


1.Take out product and accessories from package, double check all accessories included.

2.Open the battery compartment on the back of timer and follow the "+" "-" marks to place 2 AA alkaline batteries.

3.Screw the black adapter to the connector(Adapter is not required for 3/4" faucet).

4.Screw the top connector to the 1/2" faucet as tight as you can,the 360°rotating connector make it easy to install at any corner.

5.Connect water outlet of timer to hose.

Stainless Steel Mesh Filter


Powe Indicator

1. Please make sure a rubber ring is well set before connecting the quick connector to top tap connector to prevent water leakage.

2.This watering timer is for outdoor use only and horizontal or inverted installation is prohibited.

3.Do not soak the Watering Timer in water and please prevent it from rain or high dust.

1.The Product itself does not generate pressure, but the pressure of tap water is used; tap water or a pressurized water source ensures a normal effluent from the irrigation timer.

2. Mesh filter prevents dirt particles, prolonging life of the Product. Clean filter regularly and replace if worn.

1.When the power is low, please replace the batteries in time to avoid the interruption of the normal operation; when replacing the batteries, please make sure that the battery compartment is dry.

2.Children should be forewarned that they could not play with the Product while it is under working.

Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

Waterproof Case

3 Separate Programs

145psi Water Pressure

Stainless Steel Mesh Filter

Built-in metal filter in the top tap connector can effectively filter out stone, gravel and other larger particles

Waterproof Case

The cover protects the batteries inside. Internal rubber ring around the cover ensures it leakproofness

3 Separate Programs

The Automatic Water Timer can be set flexibly according to your different needs. The watering timer allows a wider range of running times and intervals

145psi Water Pressure

Withstand water pressure up to 145psi / 10bar without damaging the water timer, ideal for irrigation system, that needs high water pressure and water flow

High Quality Attachments

Manual Watering Mode

Long Battery Life

Rain Delay

High Quality Attachments

The top hose faucet connector can be attached to NPT standard type faucet. Quick connector and rubber ring match well with UN standard type faucet

Manual Watering Mode

Choose the manual watering mode, which allows you to water immediately without interrupting the preset irrigation

Long Battery Life

Auto turn off the screen display if not operated in 30s, save much power. Powered by 2 alkaline batteries, ultra-long running time up to 6 months

Rain Delay

If it's in rain, you can press this button to pause your programmed setting for an interval to avoid over-watering and water waste

Irrigation Timer