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BAITAI 400GPH Submersible Water Pump, 1500L/H 30W Water Feature Pump 7ft Lift Height with 4.9ft Power Cord 3 Nozzles

BAITAI 400GPH Submersible Water Pump

SALE PRICE: £25.99

About this item

  • —【New Unique Design】:Hexagon Design,360 degree water intake,maximize inlet, lower intake, make higher flow rate,not easy to get clogged ,also compared with other water pump ,our pump with filter sponge,that can prevent debris from clogging the pumpstrong filtration.
  • —【Ultra-Quiet Operation】:4 mini suction cups is compact and lightweight, can be adsorbed on any smooth surface, it is not easy to fall off, noise absorbed,quiet and energy saving(Power: 30W,Voltage: 240V),It will not affect your work during the day and you and your family can enjoy a sweet dream at night.
  • —【Durable Quality】:The shell made of high-quality reinforced ABS ,Tough and IPX8 waterproof,epoxy resin encasement of key internal motor components prevents unwanted. conductivity and corrosion of metal parts,Also the axial core made of high quality ceramic to insure long pump life.
  • —【Adjustable Flow Rate】:This water pump has big flow, the maximal flow rate can be up to 1500L/H(400GPH) , high lift,max.(lift height) up to 7ft ,it can stable operating.with 3 Nozzles (0.5in,06in,0.7in) ,threaded fittings make it more stable,you can personalized adjusting knobthat get just the amount of water pressure you want.
  • —【Easy to Installation and Clean】: This submersible water pump has 6ft Power Cord, Long enough cord for easy installation,No need any tools to separate, easy to detachable and Cleanable.

Product description

Colour Name:30w

Having your own pond or water garden in your backyard is a great way of beautifying your property while benefiting the environment, and this water feature pump make sure that all of this is within your reach. Even if you're not someone that has a background in water filtration or a deep understanding of pond equipment, it will enable you to design and maintain a gorgeous water garden with beautiful plants and healthy fish.

1.  Put the pump into water first before connecting power supply. When changing water, please disconnect power supply.
2. 1500L/H refers to the flow rate without using a water pipe. If connected with a water pipe, the maximum flow rate would less than 1500L/H;
3. If the water sprays out the container, the flow rate would also less than 1500L/H;
4. Please clean it regularly in case of debris blockage, the pump would make noises or even make the motor short circuit if blocked by debris. 

【Name】:Multi-function submersible pump
【Brande Name】: BAITAI
【Part number】: WB-T203
【The maximum water flow rate】:1500L/H 
【Voltage】:[email protected]/60Hz 
【3 Nozzles 】:13/16/19mm(0.5in/0.6in/0.7in)
【Length of Power Cord】:1.5m    
【The maximum lift height】:2.2m                            
【Net Weight:】:0.5KG                
【Product Size】:107*84*78mm

Package Included: 
1*water pump
1*13mm Nozzle 
1*16mm Nozzle 
1*19mm Nozzle 

Weight: 540 g
Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 8 cm; 540 Grams
Model: BAITAIBT123
Colour: 30w
Colour: 30w